FYI: The MaD Tungsten Crew

The Crew at Mad Tungsten Australia

MaD was created by Mac and Dave (get it?) two cosmic warriors on a mission for peace, justice and intergalactic trade. Sick of finding it hard to get a jeweller to make a cool piece of Bling at the wedding the Madonators Tag Teamed to create what came to define Bling for men: Mad Tungsten

Mad Tungsten started making rings for mates and their mates, and they brought along more mates, and then they decided its time they saved more men who were sick of their wicked neighbor jewellery store hiding all those tacky rings in expensive looking glass cases. They went to the mall jewellers too and found they only smile because your ring pays for their suit while the poor Madonators were doomed to work in their PJs saving the men on the planet.Well Australia to start with and then the planet.

World Famous for Funky Designs

Only place  on the Planet with Kevlar Rings. Superman shops here since 2011



  • Top shelf items matched up with the most amazingly amazing guarantee
  • Priced so there will always be enough for everyone and whatever they want to wear (or not) with it.
  • Better service than a high class escort.
  • We laid down on stone tablets that only the most totally bodacious materials would be used to create our MaD Tungsten masterpieces.
  • No mucking around – price it so the whole galaxy can share the love without worrying about wear and tear. Your MaD Tungsten hardware will shine like the sun forever, and outlast planet Earth. Scout’s honour.


When you’ve got a grand vision like these MaD Tungsten boyz do, you gotta crank the stereo and share the tune!


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