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PRICING for the Tungsten Crew

Yep, our rings are so freakin’ awesome so we hooked up our Tungsten Crew to keep them sorted for whatever they’re doing, Massive!

So when you’re ready to fill up we have 5 stages of awesomeness. All you need to do is remember the amount of times you’ve bought MaD Tungsten. The amount you’ll pay is the one after.

  • Learner Driver – Level One
    You get “L” plates but hey, we all gotta start somewhere…
  • On My Restricted – Level Two 

10% discount. My second piece sweet as! I feel a road trip coming on.

  • Fully Licensed – Level Three

15% discount! Bring your mates and show ‘em your third, it’s time for a burnout.

  • Time for a V8 – Level Four
    20% discount. Jesus H Christ! You’re Tungsten hardcore. 4 MaD Tungsten rings, hell we’ll give you a 5th MaD Tungsten piece absolutely FREE*, choice eh!
  • F1 Here I Come – Level 5

25% discount FOR EVER. Hoo Yeah! That man deserves a beer.


There’s no overtaking, just cruise through the levels or you’ll stall and that ain’t rock ‘n’ roll.