The upcoming wedding is sending you into raptures of joy now and then. Relax; this is perfectly normal for a nervous bride about to be married. However, apart from fantasizing about how things are going to work out, you need to be a bit practical too. While there may be people to help you out with the several wedding-related chores, some are too personal and need to be attended to by you alone. For instance, selecting a macho wedding band for the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Here are 10 great mind-blowing wedding bands that are perfect for the occasion.

The Hummer Tungsten Rings range comprises specially crafted wedding bands that are so phat that you’ll fall in love with them the way you fell for your guy. This black, shiny specimen has a gold band running right through in perfect contrast. Stylish and rugged, this beauty is made to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday use.

To bring out the devil in your dude, here’s Mad Devil, a perfect band with elaborate workmanship, with splashes of red running through, creating that devilish yet exciting charm. This brushed and polished men’s ring is devilishly hot and can bring out the caveman’s passion your guy has. This black and red double twill carbon Kevlar will bring out the primal instincts in your man.

Add spice to your life by choosing Burgler Tungsten Rings, the smooth and shiny black gent’s ring for the man who stole your heart at first sight. The smooth and sneaky finish with a sly dash of passionate green is your aphrodisiac charm that can leave him panting.

Give a boost to your upcoming, exciting association with Overboost Tungsten Rings that can boost his spirits to unmanageable levels. Its slimy black base with dashes of electric blue can spark an everlasting passion that will leave you both breathless.

Make sure your guy doesn’t cross the red line.  Keep you dude in a tight leash with this brilliant and stunning wedding band with a streak of red running right through. Redline Tungsten Rings give out an unmistakable message no passionate man can ignore.

Make your man realize that you’re burning with passion by selecting this red-hot Spitroast Tungsten Ring that is irresistible. It sets off the bullish attitude in any man, bringing out the beast in him at the right moment.

Add some fizz to your life with Fuzz Tungsten Rings that make a perfect fit for your mate. This shiny silver ring with a contrasting black line in the middle, sprinkled with electric blue lines at regular intervals is breathtakingly attractive.

Your tough, macho mate deserves an equally tough alloy Tungsten Carbide men’s ring. Gift him the Five O Tungsten ring that is elegant and unique. The spell of class is evident in the creativity and craftsmanship that has gone into the creation of this exquisite piece of art.

If you think this isn’t just enough for your man, take a look at Mad Tungsten’s Mud Guard Tungsten Bands that exude style and class, just what your mate deserves. Interspersed with black and white ceramic, this exquisite piece will make your day.

In case none in the collection lives up to your expectations, you can order a customized Tungsten Ring for the man in your life. Be assured that there cannot exist another similar piece anywhere on earth, as each customized ring is made to order and unique.