A wedding is always symbolized with jewellery of commitment in the form of rings for both men and women. While the jewellery for women ranges from attractive necklaces, anklets, aesthetic hair clips and delicate tiaras, for men, it gets restricted to rings. The modern ‘uber’ man however, wears attractive wedding jewellery in the form of cuff links, button-hole pins and even macho bracelets. Through the years, however, wedding jewellery has undergone myriad changes. Today, it ranges from vintage to artificial and simple yet chic depending on the choice of the couple who is getting married. Whatever the choice, the exchange of rings forms a very important part of every wedding as it is an enduring symbol of commitment and love to one another.  The plain and boring rings of yesteryear have been replaced with stylish and bold rings for every groom and an equally wide range is available for brides who desire to look their best on their big day. The quality of a  wedding band is a pre-requisite and while most couples used to prefer gold bands with diamonds set in them the trend has changed to wearing something more lasting.

wedding jewelry for 2014


Tungsten rings have become a preferred choice for more than one reason.  Tungsten rings are made out of the hardest elements of Carbon fibre and Kevlar which reflects their durability and long-lasting characteristic which becomes symbolic of a wedding relationship. They are allergy-free and never lose their sheen!  Tungsten rings can be custom made to effect. For special occasions like weddings, the bride and groom to-be can choose from a variety of options. These include the pattern of the base which varies from a square, round and camel hump to a square top. The innumerable designs include stripes and grooves. For wedding rings, the stripes can be of gold and the grooves can be filled with numerous attractive colors of a personal choice. The wedding rings can be engraved with either the names of the groom and bride and even have personal messages of affection making them a perennial expression of their love for one another. Personalized rings which are made to order normally take about ten to twelve weeks and arrive in a beautiful gift package. With the fluctuating prices of gold and silver, Tungsten rings are affordable, extremely attractive and have become a fashion statement in the modern world. What’s more they come with a one year guarantee so if you are in the midst of making wedding plans, Tungsten Rings have to be a part of them because they are not only timeless but are of a superior quality!