The festival of Christmas is about love, harmony, forgiveness and bonding-emotions best expressed through warm hugs and exchange of befitting gifts. A gift should be an everlasting memento which can be cherished and make a person reminiscent of happy memories.   As the saying goes, ‘All good things come in small packages; most people today prefer to exchange gifts which will last longer, perhaps for infinity. One of the most sought after gifts today is a ‘Tungsten ring’.  Tungsten rings are available in a range of designs and yes, even colors. Famous for having the highest melting point Tungsten Carbide which is a splendid combination of Tungsten and Carbon Alloy is also used with Gold, Carbon fiber, Silver and Kevlar to make classy and enviable jewellery. These rings look extremely fashionable and are known for their stubborn durability. For first time buyers, Tungsten rings are ten times tougher than 18k gold rings! Tungsten rings are the quintessence of the highest levels of hardness.  Gifting a Tungsten ring on Christmas could make the occasion a truly memorable one for the simple reason that these are the only rings which have a shine that never fades. It’s like adding sparkle to the spirit of Yuletide, isn’t it? Once you have decided to gift a Tungsten ring you can get it customized to the extent that you can have the person’s name or a short and sweet message engraved on it. The engravings are perfected with the latest laser machines. Tungsten rings are the only rings which do not dent no matter what hits them.  Very often people remove their gold or silver rings when involved in sporting activities for the sheer fear of the. rings getting bent, scratched or losing their shine, something which never happens when you wear your Tungsten ring no matter where you are or what you do. ‘Mad tungsten rings ‘gives you one of the widest range of rings – rings with grooves, in different colors, with diamonds, engravings, messages – you name it and they have it. What’s more they come with a lifetime warranty. So no matter whom you gift it to, they will be doubly happy with this ‘one-in-all’ piece of art to adorn their fingers.


madtungsten tree


The rings can be made of different widths suited to the wearer and depending on our purse-strings, you can choose a ring ranging anywhere between $ 200 to $ 300 and even more! The more customized you make it, the more you pay for it and the more assured you get of the joy you will be giving to the one who receives if from you on Christmas.