A Mad Look at who pays for the Mans Wedding Ring.

Okay so if you are tying the knot soon, you might probably need Bling for the two of you. If there is a lady involved in the marriage, usually her Bling would blow the Budget away.

Engagement Ring:

Blokes don’t get one so spend up on your Wedding Ring. The ladies one is usually made of Gold or Platinum and can have multiple diamonds in it. This would throw the lid off most buckets/ budgets. Our CBO used to work in the jewellery trade and time and throws some insight on how people pay for their rings:

  • Pay Cash: Within these there are subcategories
  • The cheap ring which you can pay off cash. Would you dare? Must be an a Chartered Accountant
  • The guy who has robbed a bank and needs to spend it soon.
  • The farmer who came in parked his tractor and bought a big piece of  bling( the real mc coy)
  • The guy who has been saving for the engagement ring ever since he was a little boy.

Pay it on Credit Card: Yeah Platinum, hotpoints, flybuys, what not, why not. Hope its paid off before the wedding cause you will need to be swiping a lot more for the next big thing. Well if you are doubling your money playing shares then 25% interest doesn’t hurt. Max up your cards peeps.

Finance it/ Interest Free/ yoo Hoo 50 Month No Interest . Yeah Right No Interst, we like to call it Suckers Pay Sticker Price. But seriously  see the risk there? Under whose name is the financing? And who keeps the ring, who pays it off it the ring goes with the bride after 2 years? Well if you lasted 50 months then it was worth it, wasn’t it.  But here is what is most irritating

When they Come back to buy the wedding ring, they buy it on finance again and slap it on the MANS LOAN AGAIN! Yeah so he pays for the Engagment ring, the ladies wedding ring, and HIS OWN WEDDING RING.

Sales Scenario: The guys heart beat is getting faster as the sales person(Wow how can he afford a Hugo Boss Suit) tells the woman you have to have diamonds on your wedding ring as well. The Two tone gold ring that he had his eye on is now a distant dream. So he has to resort to “ just show me like your plain wedding band” what he implies is what is your cheapest band.  This is a common scenario in everday life, no it really is; you may be an exception. But this is exactly what one of the Mad Founders had to go through before MAD was founded . His munted thin gold band has now been framed!

This is CRAZY. Cmon who pays for the mans wedding ring? Clearly it has to be the woman!  Worry not! Whether you are a planner or no planner, Mad has the best rings on the planet for a bloke, and our rings don’t leave a bitter after taste. And you can pay with your man’s credit card and just transfer it into his account, that is considered acceptable. Guys if you are paying on your own to buy your bling, it better be for the right hand.