The notion that a man or a ‘groom-to-be’ doesn’t need to wear jewellery has changed over the years and today men wear as much classy jewellery complementing their brides on their special day. Today a man is as fussy and choosy about the jewellery he needs to wear on his wedding day. This jewellery includes the wedding ring, cufflinks, blazer buttons, watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lapel pins, belt buckles, religious and ethnic jewellery. Infact, some fashion trends of the 1950s have re-surfaced in men’s jewellery e.g. the tie pin, the lapel pin and yes, the signet ring, something which has become a fashion statement. It is very to have an appropriate design for every piece of jewellery so that it lends a muscular look. Most men in the entertainment or media industry choose to wear a diamond stud in silver in one earlobe. Men working in these industries carry such a piece of jewellery with them while those in the corporate world prefer to stay away from any ear lobe embellishments. The tie clip should be in tandem with the kind of tie – broad, slim dark, light and a silver tie always lends much elegance and helps keep the tie in place. The tie clip should always be positioned between the third and fourth shirt buttons. Bracelets in gold or silver could have the groom and his bride’s names or their initials engraved within a heart on the broader section of the bracelet or a bracelet could be an interwoven chain design worn loosely to complement the wrist of the groom. Rings by far add the ultimate charm to a groom’s jewellery. Wedding rings for men come in a range of designs and in a range of metals which include gold, silver, titanium and even platinum. Lapel pins come in different shapes and are often worn on the lapel of the jacket making for an attractive distraction. Signet rings which symbolize an aristocratic belonging have also become a fashion statement and they are often worn up against the wedding band giving a dual-ring effect. An important factor to be considered here is the profession of the groom. If he has a smooth going office job he could decide on any metal for a wedding ring but if he happens to be in the metallurgy or heavy engineering industry a gold and silver ring would be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Under such circumstances, a Tungsten wedding band would be ideal and for various reasons. Tungsten rings are made of Tungsten carbide which makes them extremely strong and lends the rings the qualities of infinite durability and scratch resistance. Tungsten rings are mixed with Gold, Silver, Kevlar, Carbon fibre, Resin and Ceramic and can be customized to a desired perfection. Starting from the base of the ring to the grooves running around it, engraving your bride and your name on it and even including semi-precious stones, they make for the perfect jewellery for a man on his wedding day. When you sum it up, there is actually a lot of wedding jewelery for a man to wear and look as stunning as his bride on their wedding day.