A person’s expectation is always high when it comes to a wedding proposal. It is really hard to get a positive reply and doing it the right way is harder too. But a wedding proposal can turn into a happy wedding if you can sweep your companion off their feet. Here are few tips that can help you to get on your way with your companion (hand in hand) to ring your wedding bells.

  • Get prepared:

Never get nervous on the day of your proposal as it can spoil the feel. Make sure that you talk to your companion beforehand about his/her liking towards marriage.


  • Grab your wedding ring before your proposal:

When you are confident enough it is time to get the perfect wedding ring for your companion. Get the strongest and most fashionable ring like tungsten rings with stone embedded or customize the wedding ring according to the person of your dreams.


  • Check the ring sizing:

You must know his/her ring sizing before you buy a wedding ring for a surprise proposal. Best ways to find out their ring sizing without them knowing is to ask their friends or just pretend as if you are getting a ring for someone else and check the ring sizing of your companion.


  • Find the right moment for the proposal:

Timing matters when it comes to a perfect proposal. Wait until you have the perfect time to propose because all that you want is “Yes, I do“ with a loving emotion.

romantic proposal


  • Make it a unique proposal

Never make your proposal too extravagant and risky, make sure that it’s a unique proposal. It does not matter if it’s going to be simple but make sure that you do your best to get those happy words from him/her.


  • Never make your situation too obvious

Come on, it’s a surprise you can’t make it too obvious! Most people like surprises and you need to make use of that.


  • Realistic:

When it’s time to make a perfect proposal with a wedding ring make sure it’s more realistic and from your heart! Even if things go wrong, your realistic emotion of love can never be wrong.


All the Best !