Wearing a ring especially to celebrate an engagement or a wedding is a symbol of long-lasting commitment.  This tradition was born more than six thousand years ago when men and women first decided to make it imperative to exchange rings to solemnize their relationship. Through the years, rings have evolved in various designs and metals luring one and all. Today, Tungsten wedding bands for both, women and men are a preferred choice and for more than one reason.  They are sturdy, classy and are available in a wide range of selection.  The fastidious at heart can even get customized rings.

Tungsten wedding bands come in a variety of shapes with reference to the base of the rings.  Buyers can choose rings each with a different base. Some have a square base while others have a round one. Some rings have a top square beveled edge while others appear what we call with a ‘camel hump’.


Another variety of Tungsten wedding bands are made with appealing stripes around the band. The location of the stripes can be customized either to the centre, left or right of the ring. For those seeking a little uniqueness, the rings come in with grooves, the positioning of which again can be customized as per the requirement.

Today, fashion romanticists prefer  tungsten wedding bands with grooves which come with fillings of black, green, red and white karbon fibre adding making the rings sheer ‘pieces of art’.  Buyers are also spoilt for choice with these wedding bands which come plated in colors of gold, black, white, blue and even pink.  The right combination of Tungsten and Carbon Alloy is what makes the quality of the tungsten carbide rings highly superior both in quality and durability. The shift towards wearing Tungsten rings than gold or silver is because they never crack nor do they bend and the sparkle never fades. They really don’t require to be polished ever. The smoothness, the shine and the trendiness of the rings have made them an indispensable piece of jewellery. Authentic tungsten wedding bands can be made to order online with the assurance that they will be customized as requirements and delivered within a maximum of two days unless the buyer wants them in gold which would entail a few days more. All tungsten rings come with a guarantee a period of twelve months from the date of purchase in case of any manufacturing defects however no replacements are made if the rings get damaged due to any accident on the part of the buyer.  Thanks to technology, there are numerous online tools which help a buyer to choose his / her size assuring them the right fit of any ring they choose.