Weddings and flamboyance sound synonymous since marriages are celebrated that way, in general, all across the globe no matter what. It should not come as a surprise as weddings are special and requires that extra attention and spending to make it a grand success. There are various ways in which they are celebrated. Couples who have grown hearing fairy tales and stories involving kings and queens are the ones who in particular fantasize incorporating a royal wedding theme. They find the theme fulfilling their desire to be part of the regal life that could be cherished for their entire lifetime. Many might think that a royal wedding theme is an inappropriate celebration, especially during difficult financial times like these. But on the contrary it could be conducted effortlessly and without spending much provided, it is planned scrupulously along with effective utilization of resources.

Old forts and palaces would be the right location choice for such royal wedding themes. It adds a classy touch to the celebration apart from creating a visual treat to the eyes and enhancing its opulence.  Since old forts and palaces can be rented for the occasion you do not have to spend a fortune creating a setting replicating them. Take enough care to blend in all the other elements like the dress, wedding cake, wedding rings, invitation, decoration and vehicle carrying the bride and the groom with the theme to make an impressive statement. It would be appropriate to incorporate pastel shades like peach, pink, white and so on, be it the dress, cake or the flower decoration. Even the jewels and accessories worn by the bride and groom should be taken in to consideration. Jewellery pieces with pearls, sapphires, rhinestones and emeralds are apt for such royal wedding themes.

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Simple yet striking decorative items like candles and ice sculptures could be integrated into the theme to lift up the whole ambiance.  Even though inexpensive, these accents have the ability to bring out a dramatic effect. Chariots can be used to transport the bride and groom instead of the normal cars. Wedding invitations too can be fashioned the traditional manner like the scrolls of the bygone era that was used to carry information for the royals. Even the fonts used for announcing the royal wedding message can be in the traditional style. A wedding planner with an eye for detail will not miss such nuances that could make or break the celebration. Hence it is very important to select the one who has good experience and good word of mouth in this field of organizing royal weddings.