The use of finger rings dates back to 6000 years and since then men and women alike have used them for a gamut of purposes. History stands as witness to the evolution of using metals in making jewelry. Be it a wedding ceremony or an engagement, rings per se are very special and define the solemnity of an individual or the ritual itself. Different metals and gems have been used since the ancient times but the most appealing and mesmeric rings in vogue are Tungsten Carbide Rings. One may not have an appetite for jewelry but since it is customary in various rites in almost all parts of the world, it is quite prudent to choose a long lasting, lustrous and cost effective finger rings. Tungsten Carbide, a by-product of Tungsten and Carbon, is formed in extreme thermogenic conditions; a process called sintering and is eventually stabilized as the toughest and hardest of all metals. It is, incredibly, ten times stronger than eighteen karat gold that makes it more durable and resilient. It is highly impact resistant and can retain its toughness and strength in extreme cryogenic temperature ranges too.

Tungsten Carbide rings are scratch and tarnish resistant inevitably elevating the kind as inimitable and matchless. Unlike other metals that require frequent polishing to relive their shine and luster, Tungsten Carbide rings do not need any such polishing and maintenance. They remain perpetually consistent in their robustness. Its salubriousness with a smooth and subtle finish makes it commendable to make you its unprecedented user.


A murky radiance is today’s fashion and trend; and an unparagoned range of Tungsten Carbide Rings offers you a choice between such murky radiance and brilliant gloss. These stylish rings enable you to carve a niche for yourself in possessing the most unique jewelry of our times. Tungsten Carbide Rings are designed to meet the unique wearer’s style and requirement. It is out of debate as to whether Tungsten Carbide Rings are worth your fingers. The moment you touch it and feel its smooth body, you tend to foster a ‘feel good’ in yourself. If you think of gifting one to your near and dear ones, you will not be surprised to see hidden emotions and feelings glistening in their visages.Poor Bloke with Ring2

So whether you aspire for an ecclesiastical ring or a wedding; a cocktail hoop or an eternity bond, Tungsten Carbide Rings are the perfect and optimal choices for a unique you.