Public Interest towards Alternative Metals:

Now days, both men and women are gripped in wearing jewellery. The precious metals that were considered as habitual and admired for making jewellery are Gold, platinum and silver. But the public interest pulled away from the popular precious metals; in search of alternatives those have the same appealing look at cheaper rates.


Alternative Metal Jewellery:

Some alternative metals that can be used in making jewellery are stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, palladium, copper, bronze and brass. Common alternative metals are tungsten carbide, titanium and cobalt. These alternative metals were used initially in manufacturing and in other industries. Now they are shaped into graceful jewellery for both men and women.


Cost Effective Jewellery:

The coolest designs of rings, necklace, bracelets, Pendants, including Men’s Wedding Bands are made from these alternative metals. These metals suits men more since men prefer rings that are durable with everlasting new look.  Another important complication in buying precious metal jewellery is their cost. Jewellery made from Tungsten carbide, titanium, and cobalt is cheaper than Jewellery made from precious metals.


Significance of Alternative Metal Jewellery:

This jewellery is extremely solid, scratch resistant, lustrous, and are fashionable. Some of these Metals are hypoallergenic and that is an added advantage.  Hence jewellery made from alternative metals is more preferred for Wedding Rings. Titanium is three times stronger than steel and Tungsten metals are four times stronger than titanium.


Tungsten Carbide, Perfect Metal for Men’s Jewellery:

Tungsten metals are the newest metals that entered the field of Jewellery and had attracted more people. Tungsten Jewellery like Tungsten rings are harder and has an everlasting new look which means that tungsten rings and other tungsten jewellery requires minimum maintenance. This makes them perfect for Men who work in machineries, construction sites, etc. Tungsten carbide jewellery attracts men more because of their grey colour and steely look. Hence Tungsten Rings are popular as Men’s Rings and Men’s Wedding Bands.


To conclude, Affordable Jewellery made from Alternative metals is worthy of attention and are equally charming as Jewellery made from Precious metals. The unique looks and the significance of alternative metal jewellery should be appreciated. Let’s go for it!