When you are in love, you cannot resist the idea of making him happy. You are walking on the lanes, eyeing things to shop for yourself and you end up looking in the men’s section, imagining him wearing or having something you just saw, don’t you? That’s why here are some of the best gifts for your guy, browse through!

  • BUY HIM LAND ON THE MOON: Yes, as crazy as that sounds it is claimed to be true. A website named lunarland.com, which has been featured on channels like BBC, sells you land on the moon. They claim to have legal rights for the same and also that they are the only company on Earth to do so.  The chances of your guy landing up on  the moon are very scarce we know, but the idea of owning land on the moon  with sufficient evidence to support that, is beautiful and unique. Buy him      an acre, make him believe.
  • A CUSTOMIZED GIFT ARTICLE:  Any gift article, like a pen, a compass, a diary a key chain works wonders. When he would see his name etched on the gift, it would give him a sense of ownership, which every guy completely loves.
  • TECH, TECH AND TECH: Whether it is as small as Bluetooth speakers or something as big as a Macintosh pc, he will totally love it. Something as cool as a telephoto lens for his phone to enhance the picture quality would be amazing! Just make sure, you have got the configurations right. All guys, love technology as much as they love you!
  • THE HOODIES AND JERSEYS: Buying a soft, solid coloured hoodie or a jersey of his favourite sports team, is very much appreciated. They would cherish those jerseys for life, certainly. Cool tees with prints are always in demand, just like sporty sweaters are!
  • SPORTS ALL AROUND: Table top foosball, pool or air hockey tables would give him a high, he would love to show it off to his friends when they come over, giving a boost to your relationship! If he plays a particular sport, buy him accessories for it.
  • LITERALLY, THE ALCOHOL RUNS  DOWN THEIR BLOOD: Buy them crazy printed glasses, brilliant openers etc.,  all of which are available online. They are offbeat and classy.  With quotes and witty cartoons printed on them, it would increase his cool quotient.

Last but not the least you always have the option of buying the mainstream gifts like watches, wallets, Rings and boots. But when you give them the unexpected, they go bonkers with happiness! Don’t forget to add a personal note along with every gift, it is the perfect add-on.