Boho Chic Wedding Style, a trend that brought back vintage styles to modern era! Do you love nature? Then this tradition and decorations would surely become your favourite. Boho Chic Wedding is a bohemian style of Wedding. Boho style includes natural, vivid, Complete, simple and modern inspiring country side traditions and decorations.

Boho Chic wedding would have each and everything creative and beautiful including invitations, wedding dress, Wedding Avenue, etc. It is simple to follow and inspires people who love nature. Where ever may be your wedding avenue setting , let it be in the beach, a tree house wedding, or an island wedding, one thing that would be common will be its organic feel.

Let me share few ideas about how can you set up a Boho Chic Wedding!

If you have decided to have a boho chic style wedding, you should be concentrating on each and every small aspect of your wedding.

How would that be when you have a wedding album made of leather? Make it in tree colour and pattern with green and brown. That should make your album look unique and “Boho”ish.

Bride’s Vintage look plays a major role in Boho Chic Style Wedding. A traditional curly hair up do will make the bride naturally beautiful. Flower Tiara or Butterfly Tiara can add more beauty to the hair dress up. That would surely give an angelic beauty to bride. While considering other ornaments, vintage leaf necklace and Wood like slippers with gold or blue or a green colour can make the angel more beautified. Green or Flowery Wedding band would surely be the best choice for the Groom and Bride.

Nest like flower girl basket can be used in wedding to get into vintage look. Wedding Hall and Dining hall can be pattered in Green and Brown. Flowers and scents can make it more natural and eye catching for the beloved guests. Give a Green Tea Party to guests. Start your dining with healthy green tea Green smoothie.

Hand Painted cakes or Colourful Flower Filled wedding cakes can be arranged with Gorgeous Bride and Groom Toppers like 2 beautiful birds or cute animals. Decorate trees with lanterns, your pictures and flower garlands.

I have just said few examples of how can your Boho Chic wedding be set! Adding your creativity to these can make your wedding occasion not only a sweet memory to think and enjoy later but also a vibrant ceremony. Nature lovers, start Planning for your Vintage wedding!!