Previously, bride grooms did not flaunt much jewellery and often opted for a minimalist look. Their adornments were restricted to the watches and cufflinks. Necklaces made from platinum and gold were meant for the entertainers like musicians and actors while earrings were considered as a symbol of revolt, especially when worn by young men. But fortunately, modern day thinking and lifestyle has brought about a dramatic change in the way men present themselves. Men in general and bride grooms in particular have started to appreciate jewellery. Now, it is a common phenomenon to see men wearing rings, bracelets and pendants. It has shown a way to express men’s individuality in a distinct manner which is not possible through their mere hairstyle or attire.

Earrings that were once thought as funky jewellery pieces are now a hot trend among most affluent and successful men. Bride grooms are now seen sporting sparkling diamond studs not just on one ear but on both the ears while affordable options like earrings made from titanium, silver and stainless steel are all the rage among youngsters. Pendants and necklaces that have adorned men for centuries are back in fashion except for the fact that heavy gold and embellished ones have given way to the ones made from leather, steel, titanium and platinum. The same way rings for married men are no longer much exclusive. Now every man is seen wearing at least one ring, it could be a solitaire diamond, a gemstone pertaining to his zodiac or even could be simple yet elegant plain silver, steel or tungsten band.

Watches and cufflinks too have become an integral part of bride groom’s jewelry trends.  Watches are no more a functional accessory; they have gone a step higher and have become personal adornments. Brand watches created by popular fashion houses are in vogue these days. Some even come studded with diamonds and other precious stones that cannot be imagined off. Bride groom’s often go for watches that match their wedding dress or theme. If required one can even get identical looking watches for both the bride and the groom. The same way cufflinks for special occasions like weddings come in bold designs and in precious metals. Blazer buttons too can add a whiff of sophistication when chosen correctly. Since marriages are special occasions, bride grooms can choose silver, pearl, gemstone or gold buttons over the normal brass ones as they have the ability to make the groom look decked-up for the occasion with ease.