Commitment of relationships is best symbolized through the wearing of customized finger rings.  Mad Tungsten is a home to a range of fashionable and stylish Bands for both men and women.  The word ‘Tungsten’ as we all know is a rare metallic element with a high melting point and is used in alloys of high-speed cutting tools.  These qualities add the element of durability to Tungsten carbide bands and they do just that – bind relationships eternally, in the most solid manner!  These bands are at least ten times tougher than gold bands, are unbreakable, wear a perennial shine and can be customized to effect. Mad Tungsten Rings include a range of choices; from solid carbide Bands to fashionable Bands which have valuable metals set within thereby offering everyone a selection to choose from for every occasion.

brushed tungsten rings

For the adventurous, the Tungsten Carbide Brushed Bands with their unique features stand out amongst the entire collection. Available in different widths, the Tungsten Carbide Brush range of bands has variants with something for everyone. The buyer can decide on the style of the brush and then choose from the range of bands.  Tungsten carbide, as a metal, is totally scratch resistant and when complemented with a matte, satin or brush finish, it results in the most enduring and superior quality product. Tungsten Carbide Brushed Bands are priced between $190 and   $485 and include a sophisticated, arresting collection which entails Bands with grooves, bevelled edges, a raised top and even an inlay all of which are perfected with a brush finish. The finishing process of this range is hand-applied and involves the usage of diamond encrusted grinding wheels.  One variety of the Tungsten carbide brushed Bands come with round and polished edges embedded on a brushed ring called the Cupid tungsten rings. Another spectacular range includes bands with simple straight lines and brushed finish like the Max Tungsten rings. For the extremely stylish, there are bands available with an inlay of gold, silver and rose to complement both men and women.  Tungsten Carbide Brushed range of bands also has a very appealing collection of  wedding bands one of which is available with  polished edges while another includes jewellery, making them simply irresistible.  Tungsten Carbide Brushed Bands are totally scratch-resistant and one can place an order for these Bands with the assurance of the best customer service which the Mad Tungsten provides for all its entire collection of Tungsten Bands. These very tastefully designed bands have earned innumerable compliments for their trendy look as well as comfortable wear and have become a rage with people who are spoilt for choice.