Tungsten rings are becoming the first choice among men as their wedding bands. One of the most invited type of tungsten rings are those with brushed finish. Men prefer brushed Tungsten rings with matte finish which throws a masculine and elegant look. They have the finest finish and looks great on men’s hands.

Mad tungsten offers wide range of Brushed Tungsten Rings that can be made as the perfect option for men who prefer Brushed Tungsten Rings.

Lets go through the coolest and Trendiest rings that Mad tungsten Offers you:

Apex Tungsten rings:

This ring is one among those rings which are always on scroll in the Top Sellers list. Apex is a simple yet sophisticated ring made of tungsten carbide with the smooth finish. Apex suits you , no matter whether you are single or married. It can attract you by its charming and alluring look.

Ballistic Tungsten Rings:

Ballistic is one among those trendy Black Tungsten Rings have become the most preferred choice of men at present. They are designed by a combination of brushed black ceramic, polished Grooves and yellow Carbon Kevlar. They look Cool and suits Metropolitan look of Men. It is said to be a impressive, strong and masculine ring!

Boosted Tungsten Rings:

They are classy urban ring with its beautifully stylish blue carbon fibre centre and brushed finish. It is not only a best choice for Wedding and engagement rings but also a perfect ring for daily use because of its extreme comfort to wear.

Burgler Tungsten Rings:

Burgler is Completely polished and brushed Black Tungsten rings for Men. It has ninja looks with its green black carbon fibre centre. They look great on men’s hands and can be the best choice for daily wear ring.

Burnout Tungsten Rings:

Burnout Tungsten Ring is strong, simple, classy and beautiful. This terrific tungsten ring is one of the best designs by mad tungsten with polished black carbon fibre, brushed finish and a sparkling silvery look.

Carbon Muncher Tungsten Rings:

Carbon Muncher is best for people who are young and young by heart. This ring has a polished look with a carbon fibre inlay. It looks amazingly beautiful and best as men’s dress ring, wedding ring and engagement ring. It retains its highly polished gleam and attracts crowd.

Cosa Nostra Tungsten Rings:

Cosa Nostra Tungsten Rings for men who wear a Harley Davidson Jacket exposing a macho, tough and hard skinned look. Cosa Nostra is a kind of Kevlar Ring that has a inlay of yellow black Carbon Fibre and pure silver streak. It looks uniquely beautiful with its combination of Brushed tungsten carbide with Carbon and silver inlays.

Cupid Tungsten Rings:

Cupid Tungsten Rings as the name suggests they can be said as the God of Love. It best suits men for bringing out their infamous Cupid character. Polished Edges and Brushed Top surface of these cupid rings will endure through out the ages.

Mad also offers Polished, Gold mixed, Ceramic and black Tungsten Rings that best suits men as Wedding bands, dress rings and Engagement rings. Try our eye-catching tungsten rings !

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