The Mad Tungsten holds immense surprises for those who believe in trendy styles.  Tungsten Rings, known for their classy appeal and sturdiness have become a fashion statement today. Elegant and charming, they are very sturdy, scratch resistant and make for stylish wear for both, special occasions and daily use. Carbon fibre tungsten rings have become a preferred choice because of the very material they are made of – ‘Carbon fibre’ which has a very chic appeal.  The beauty of these rings lies in the fact that they come in a wide range where you can choose the kind of base you would like your ring to have – square top, camel hump, rounded or just squared.  You can also have these rings completely customized to your choice. This includes having stripes running either around the ring, towards one end, parallel stripes in the center of the ring or just one single stripe in the center. If you prefer to be different you can choose from rings with grooves which again can be to the left, right or centre of the ring. You can embellish the grooves with fillings of different colors, ranging from blue, white, green, red, orange and even black carbon. What’s more you can ask for engravings of your choice making your rings stand out amongst the rest! Carbon fibre tungsten rings come in 6mm and 8 mm widths and you can choose between a white or black carbon fibre inlay.  Tungsten, because of its inherent long-lasting qualities has been utilized in industries like Aerospace and Automobiles and is now the most accepted choice for wedding bands and other finger rings because of their enduring  nature.

tungsten rings- carbon fibre


A product of hi-tech materials, the inlay of the carbon fibre wedding bands becomes highly unique when coupled with beveled edges which make them extremely comfortable to wear and lend them a very attractive look.  These products have been named after the Tungsten luxury sports cars and they are as rich as the cars they share their name with! With colorful inlays in gold, silver and more, these rings have a price range starting with the ‘Phat Tony’ , ‘Waxed and Buffed’ and ‘UNC Charlie’ rings priced at $200 to the more highly priced ones starting at $500 and more depending on the type of customization you desire for your ring. As far as our deliverables are concerned, we ship the rings for free, yes, absolutely free. Almost all our rings are custom made and the delivery time ranges from 8 to 10 weeks from the date of placing the order. We have a very user-friendly online ‘custom ring builder’ which assists you to decide on a ring of your choice. All our rings include a one year guarantee and they are ensured for the comfort of the buyer with the sole aim of adding a very enchanting spark to their fingers. We take pride in our products and timely service. Welcome aboard!