Tungsten rings are gaining immense popularity around the world and for a reason – They adorn your fingers in the most fashionable way, they are stylish and add to your persona and above all, they are one of a kind which are resistant to every kind of wear & tear!  Unlike precious metals like gold and silver, Tungsten rings come in an abundance of qualitative designs and colors with innumerable options for customization. You can have them engraved, inlaid with different materials like precious and semi-precious stones, choose from a range of designs of roped bands, knotted and plain rings running around the band all of which have made these rings the most desired in the world of jewellery.  What keeps them a world apart is that they are affordable, sturdy and long-lasting, carrying with them memories of another day. Jewellery has always been a part of a man’s accessories as well. Ancient history has showcased men wearing earrings and nose rings, a fashionable trend which has become second nature to men in this century as well. International soccer and fashion idol, David Beckham wears tungsten rings in all the advertisements which feature him.  One can see him wearing these during his numerous photo shoots and this has lent enormous glamour to the world of tungsten rings.  Suddenly, men around the world found tungsten rings the most ‘cool and stylish’ accessory to wear.

tungsten rings-celebrities

Despite the fact that celebrities can indulge in prized possessions, Tungsten rings have become a preferred choice of jewellery in the world of glitz and stardom.   Tungsten rings are extremely strong, never bed and don’t get scratched or damaged like gold, platinum, silver and other metals do.  Their beauty lies in the fact that their never lose their brilliance and never require additional polishing like other metals. This is one of the primary reasons ordinary folks and now celebrities as well make a conscious effort to choose tungsten rings for all their occasions which includes wedding days.  The enduring qualities of tungsten rings have become symbolic of infinite love between couples who consider them more significant to their relationship.

Tungsten rings use nickel as a binder and this makes them ideal for people who have a sensitive skin.  The chic range of designs available are enviable by all standards.  The very fact that you can customize a tungsten ring  makes it more appealing. From being able to choose the base of the ring, to having stripes and grooves and groove fillings either with a metal like gold or precious stones, you can do it all.  You can decide on a color of your choice, a satin or brush finish, engravings, romantic symbols – it’s yours for the asking!  When you ask for a customized tungsten ring with the many desired changes, the time delivery is normally between eight to ten weeks.  Tungsten rings come with a guarantee of one year in the case of manufacturing defects. The shipments are absolutely free and what’s more, you receive your ring in the most exquisite gift box!  With David Beckham having set the trend of wearing tungsten rings, many Hollywood artistes and singers have made them an important part of their accessories.  Artistes, singers, rap artistes and hip hop celebrities have been seen walking the red carpet wearing their tungsten rings with élan!