Celebrity Tungsten Rings

Of late gold seems to be losing its sheen as more and more people are switching to tungsten rings. One gets to read interesting news published in leading fashion magazines and online publications that talk about stars and celebrities taking a fancy for tungsten rings. Ordinary mortals taking to tungsten rings is quite understandable, given the fact that tungsten is far more economical and durable and almost damage proof! However, celebrities’ taking a liking for tungsten rings is not due to any cost factors, or even durability, for that matter.

The dainty fingers of celebrities flash a range of tungsten rings in myriad designs that beat everyone’s imagination. Jewellers and sellers of gold and platinum rings are quite baffled at the sudden shift in preferences, and most of them are resigning themselves to stocking and selling tungsten rings as well just to keep their celebrity clients in good humour. Although celebrities are not outright endorsing the tungsten rings they wear (they may be branded or otherwise) they have unknowingly created a new trend in fashion jewellery little realizing the impact it has on common folks.


Many knows that a majority of people in tune with whatever is in vogue today believing in aping celebrities. While they may not be able to afford the latest model Lamborghini or Porsche that celebrities zip around in, when it comes to jewellery made out of tungsten, especially tungsten rings, the situation is quite different. You may not be able to afford the expensive diamond brooch or necklace that your favourite star wears while partying, but you can certainly afford to buy yourself a tungsten ring when the same celebrity cares to wear it in public.

One can’t blame the celebrities too, who lead extremely fast paced lives, with little or no time to indulge in smaller things. They probably like to wear jewellery that is in vogue and will stand the test of everyday rough use without getting damaged. The benefit, or rather the advantage with tungsten is that it is several times harder and more durable when compared to precious stones that are a lot softer. What’s more is tungsten rings are scratch-resistant and damage proof. Designers and jewellery makers on their part have realized the true potential of tungsten for making various types of fashion jewellery, and are focusing more on creating new patterns and designs in tungsten, rather than gold or platinum.

Celebrities seem to have taken a liking for the soothing grey colour that is typical to tungsten. What’s more is, with their busy schedule they never need to stop to polish their tungsten rings as they tend to retain the original sheen even after years of use. Low maintenance is the clincher as far as tungsten is considered. Moreover, celebrities like to do things in style, and when it comes to announcing an engagement they want maximum mileage. Strangely, celebrities, including movie stars and music sensations give great importance to wedding rings. Unlike, us ordinary mortals, they want to have what is in vogue, and like to flaunt it to the public. It doesn’t matter if it is an inexpensive tungsten ring; they’ve got to make sure that the media covers it, and publishes it widely.


Normally, people would expect celebrities to go in for flashy diamonds that are outrageously expensive. This indeed was the trend a few years ago, where spending a cool million on rocks was considered the in thing by most celebrities. Notwithstanding, whether the celebrity was a lady or a man, diamonds were in great demand during engagements and weddings. Even today, most celebrities would like to have diamonds embedded in their wedding rings. However, the choice of metal is not gold or platinum; they would rather have the precious stones embedded in tungsten wedding rings.

One probable reason for the growing popularity of tungsten rings could be the weight factor. Some experts on trends argue that celebrities have taken a liking to tungsten because of the dark, appealing colour of natural tungsten. Whatever the reason would be jewellers and creators of fashionable tungsten rings are having a field day! Thanks to the recent spurt of interest in tungsten.  Whenever celebrities do anything it is construed and interpreted as a style statement. Then, there are the hordes of fans they prefer to do likewise. However, it is not irrespective of cost. If the costs are preventively formidable, the fans are happy with some wishful thinking. When it is something as inexpensive as a tungsten ring, they want an exact replica of what their favourite star wore on the engagement day.

Other than style statements and the craze associated with fans’ liking for celebrities and their actions, there are a few practical reasons for preferring tungsten rings over gold or platinum. One great reason is that tungsten is hypoallergenic and can be worn without any fear of reactions on the skin. Most hip-hoppers and leading artists prefer wearing tungsten studs to ones that are made of flashy diamonds. Leading watch manufacturers too have turned to tungsten in a big way. They have replaced the traditional stainless steel cases with gleaming ones made out of tungsten. This is certainly because of the scratch-proof feature; moreover tungsten never loses its lustre and does not require to be polished often. One other advantage with tungsten rings is that it is nickel-free.

There is a marked change in preference as far as men’s wedding bands are considered. Most celebrities consider it to be macho to sport tungsten rings that come in a myriad shapes and designs. Celebrities tend to seek out jewellers who are prepared to customize and create masterpieces that are indeed breathtaking. There is no limit to imagination and experimentation, and designers have introduced gleaming black tungsten rings, as well a stunning white tungsten rings that are perfect as wedding rings for men. Black tungsten rings look uncannily like black titanium, the only difference being the sheen is a lot more pronounced. White tungsten, on the other hand, closely resembles platinum, and such tungsten rings are often mistaken for platinum.

Whatever the choice may be, celebrities always yearn to stand apart in anything they do. Jewellery is no exception; hence they go to great pains to have a different looking wedding ring created. It is not as if the celebrities have given up buying or wearing expensive diamond or platinum jewellery. These items are always part of their wardrobe, and no one knows when the trends will change. What is definite though is that the moment there is a change in the trends, outcome the expensive pieces of jewellery lying in the jewel boxes. It is up to the whims and fancies of the celebrities as far as what they wear on their fingers is concerned.

The world of glitz and glamour is rife with extravagancies and peculiar likings that can make great subject matters for the psychologists. No one really knows what makes a celebrity’s mind tick. What is trendy today for them can be out of vogue tomorrow. They probably realize the power they have in them to set trends that millions of crazy fans want to follow madly. A lot of celebrity sportspersons have turned to tungsten of late. They probably have a much more viable and genuine-sounding reason to do so. Given the versatility and inherent strength that tungsten possesses, the rough and tumble of a sportsperson’s life warranties jewellery made of sterner stuff.

For instance, if at all a cricket star or a football star were to wear jewellery, especially rings, while at play, he would probably opt for tungsten. This is simply because it can’t be easily damaged or even scratched. This unique quality of tungsten that can withstand practically any sort of wear and tear is what endears most to this fantastic material. What’s more is that unlike gold or platinum, there is no limit for the fabulous designs that the creator of tungsten jewellery can experiment with.


The sheer range of designs and colour combinations, along with the innumerable customization options makes tungsten a very attractive option. Engraving intricate designs in a tungsten ring is child’s play for today’s ace designers. Most customized tungsten rings are inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones according to the choice of the individual. Even by itself, tungsten presents numerous options including ribbed bands, roped bands, twisted or knotted wedding bands, or plain bands with a thin coloured hairline running right around.

It all again comes down to the sheer affordability of tungsten that has made it so popular with all sections of society. Of course, durability and the capacity to retain the original shape and design for life is another feature with this hardy material that makes it the choice of millions. Awareness about tungsten, which has spread rapidly in the recent past, is another reason why more people flock to jewellery showrooms that have rows of shelves decked with gleaming tungsten rings and other pieces of jewellery.

Men have been associated with wearing jewellery since ancient times. While the aboriginal tribes and other ancient tribes of Africa had customs that prescribed men wear ear and nose gear made of finely carved bones, there were yet other ancient civilizations in the East, especially India where men wore gold and silver jewellery. It is not new for men to have their ears pierced for the explicit purpose of wearing jewellery. While the concept remained the same, the choice of material changed over a period of time. Gold was the preferred material for most of the jewellery worn by the royalty of England and other Oriental countries. With the advent of platinum, which is more expensive than gold, there was a minor shift in preferences.

Though platinum found favour with most people, it was more because of it being expensive than for any other reason. However, gold continued to maintain its hold over millions across the world, and still does. With the introduction of tungsten as a viable and less expensive option, many people switched to tungsten with alacrity. With jewellery being an important accessory with any prospective bride or groom, tungsten has evolved as the most preferred choice of late. Though many people are wont to admit, the primary reason is probably the affordability. However, although silver was in vogue for some time (trinkets and jewellery) it never really stole a preferred place for long. Silver, in spite of being a lot more economical when compared to gold or platinum, never did become a viable alternative. As far as jewellery was concerned, it was always gold or platinum, until tungsten arrived on the scene.

People need to be thankful to the skilled artisans for creating new designs.  They were able to create breathtaking masterpieces in tungsten. The long hours they spend behind the scenes in creating classic pieces of jewellery seems to have paid off. When an international celebrity and ace soccer player like David Beckham sports tungsten rings in the advertisements he appears in, he is not just endorsing the jeweller, but the craftsmen behind it as well. All of a sudden, tungsten is the preferred material for rings that international celebrities wear. One redeeming factor that is in favour of tungsten rings can only be the strength the material possesses. Even under the most extreme conditions, tungsten rings come out unscathed, with not a hint of a scratch as proof.

People with sensitive skin can wear rings made out of a tungsten rings made using nickel as a binder. This prevents any sort of reactions even on the most sensitive skin. The fact that you can customize tungsten rings the way you want is another major advantage. The chic range of tungsten rings available makes it all the more attractive as an alternative to gold or platinum. Unlimited design options, including grooves, strips, twists, knurls, and a smooth satin finish or an attractive matt or brush finish make the choice more appealing. Inlays, engravings and romantic symbols can be added as per personal preferences, making tungsten rings the choice of many!