The wedding cake has always been and forever will be an integral part of a wedding ceremony. With highly talented chefs all over the place, the wedding cakes they create are so beautiful that your eyes go as big as saucers just by looking at them. Delicate sugar spun flowers and pretty fondant decoration make you wonder if they are eatable. They look so realistic. But whether these gorgeous looking cakes taste equally good is a big question mark. Many of us have had experiences with forgettable wedding cakes that fail to interest our palates.

Choosing the right flavours for your wedding cake is an important step that can turn your wedding to one that would be recollected as “One of the best weddings I’ve ever been”. It involves a lot of little things to be noted and considered but in the end you will one delicious cake that no one will forget in a hurry. Never choose a single flavour for your cake. Your guests will find it bland after a single slice. Choose the classical cake and filling combos like chocolate and strawberry, vanilla and chocolate fudge or amaretto and raspberry. You could also experiment with your favourite flavours but make sure they taste good together.

Adding liqueurs to the cake batter is an interesting option that expert chefs come up with to create unique tastes. You can also flavour each tier of cake differently so that your cake has something to please each and every one of your guests. The perfect flavours when combined can make a mouth-watering creation out of your grand wedding cakes. Expert advice can go a long way in making your wedding cake a mega hit with everyone.

For those who want to give a whole new meaning to the word ‘personalized’, they can choose the flavours that mean something to them as a couple. Like a coffee combo if your first date was with an unforgettable cappuccino! This just makes the guest go ‘Awww’! Make sure the flavour of your cake does not clash with the dessert you have planned for your wedding banquet. You would not want to serve your guests with a repetition.

Many things like the time of the year, your wedding theme, etc should also be considered when picking the perfect flavour. A cake that looks and tastes delicious and added with that ‘unforgettable’ factor will always make it a huge success.