First discovered in 1781 in Sweden, the word ‘tungsten’ has its roots in the Swedish language ‘Tung sten’ which literally means ‘heavy stone’.

Tungsten is known for having the highest melting point in comparison to every other non-alloy. Tungsten Carbide is a compound of Tungsten and Carbon which makes it the most hard metal on planet Earth. The very creation of tungsten rings makes for a fascinating story.

Tungsten (after it has been ground) along with carbon is poured in a metal die cube. The cube contains a ring mold. This mold is then subjected to extreme high pressure which aids in the powder being pushed into a solid ring blank. This blank is then fired into a furnace which is powered by oxygen at unbelievable temperatures of 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. What follows after the cooling is the removal of all unnecessary metal to create the most beautiful tungsten rings.

The perennial shine of tungsten carbide rings is unknown to the people who swear by it. Tungsten ore in its powder form is combined with numerous ‘binders’ at extremely high temperatures resulting in stunning, unmatched and unbreakable tungsten carbide rings.

Contrary to the misconceptions of a few doubting the safety of tungsten rings, they are infact the most safe rings to adorn your fingers and for more than one reason. Because they are so solid they can never cause injury or deformity to your fingers if you were to meet with an accident. Infact they shield your fingers from injury. Metals like gold, platinum and silver do bend, develop dents and scratches and at times penetrate the skin especially in the case of severe injuries due to an accident.

The charm of tungsten rings lies in the fact that they can be designed and customized to emotions. They can have inlays of gold, platinum, silver and also have semi-precious stones embedded if the person desires. You can have your loved ones and your initials engraved on in the inside of the ring. You can have symbols like the heart with initials in the centre engraved on the outer or inner surface sealing your emotions for posterity. Such engravings are possible with a laser treatment which again proves that tungsten rings can withstand the impact of a laser.

With tungsten rings becoming a rage, cobalt rings are not far behind. Both cobalt and tungsten are of almost the same hardness. Though cobalt is more hard than titanium tungsten rules the roost of being the hardest metal. It continues to stay at the helm of hard metals with the reputation of being the most resistant to scratching. Tungsten rings are heavier than cobalt rings and are of a darker shade when compared to the light colored cobalt.Affordable and long-lasting Tungsten rings are a panacea for the fast-paced lives we live today. What’s more they are striking and carry a class of touch like none other.