Tungsten rings are the talk of the town not only among ordinary people but also among fashion circles these days. They have got most of the attention not only for their astounding physical and chemical properties but also for their affordability. Tungsten otherwise called as wolfram possesses the greatest tensile strength and peak melting point making it highly long lasting and exceptional. Since pure tungsten is tough to work with, this metal is often mixed with carbon to create tungsten bands. Come let us find out what is so special about this metal.

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So what’s so special about Tungsten Rings?

Platinum and gold wedding bands were the most preferred choices among couples till the introduction of tungsten rings and since then tungsten bands have topped the sales charts. Ever wondered why they are popular choices as wedding bands? Well, here is the answer. Being one of the hardest metals found on earth, tungsten rings seldom gets scratched. This quality makes them ideal for everyday wear. Even rings that are made from precious metals like platinum and gold might require polishing after a certain period of time but tungsten rings remain spotless and shiny, forever. This is because of the poly crystalline diamond equipments and diamond abrasives are used over these rings to accomplish an implausible polish. Picking the one of your wish would not be a hard task at all since they are available in a wide array of styles and finishes ranging from brushed to mirror. They are also highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. In spite of offering so many benefits, these rings are priced reasonably, less than the platinum and gold rings.

 Men and Tungsten carbide rings

Men in particular have a special liking to these rings because they come all shades of gray, one of their favorite colors. Rings made using superior quality tungsten carbide hardly break unless and until they are forcibly hammered. Hence men who most often work with heavier items or machinery opt for tungsten wedding rings for men, especially as wedding bands as they reflect the commitment and eternal love towards their spouse. Normally, tungsten in its pure form cannot be shaped into rings and hence is often combined with carbon using different types of binders. Hence the quality of tungsten carbide rings is often determined by the kind of binder used and the ratio in which tungsten and carbon are mixed. Of all the binders, nickel is the most favored one as it is hypoallergenic and does not cause any discoloration even if exposed to various external elements. Therefore, it would be wise of you to ask the jeweler about the elements and their ratio present in the tungsten carbide rings you are planning to buy to avoid paying more than its actual worth.

 Colors and patterns of tungsten ring types that you would love to wear

Like women, men too are spoilt with choices. Tungsten rings are created in a myriad hues, designs and styles. They range from inlay, black, gold mixed to ceramic and matte or polished rings. You name it you have it. Let us look at some of the famous tungsten carbide rings for men that can double up as tungsten wedding rings for men.

 Gold mixed tungsten rings

Gold mixed tungsten rings often find use as tungsten carbide wedding bands as they combine the goodness of both tungsten and gold. In other words, it has the luxurious and radiant look of gold while offering the durability and sleekness of tungsten. Some rings are available as single tone (gold colored) rings and others are available in duo-tones and even tri-tones. MAD man and MR MAN Tungsten rings for instance come with a gleaming gold plating and appears classic while the CONFUCIUS, DRAGON, POWER and WISDOM types come in tri-tones (gold, carbon black and tungsten white). These varieties have either an oriental, medieval or any other intricate pattern in rose, yellow gold or stainless steel over carbon fiber base. Other types of gold mixed patterns include the TEQUILA SUNRISE with a red band, WEDDER, SQUEALER, PHAT WEDDER and SIGNATURE types with gold bands on them which are intended to increase their appeal quotient.

Black Tungsten rings

Black tungsten rings are normally chosen by men with a daring attitude and by those who would like to stand out in a crowd. These rings exuberates magnificence making them matchless and hence have more takers than admirers. They are both available in the plain and faceted forms with or without inlays to offer variety. One quality that requires mentioning is that these types look rugged and solid when compared to the other types. In spite of looking tough and bulky these varieties are very comfortable to wear. Some of the well-known black tungsten rings available in the market include the BURGLER, BALLISTIC, ARMAGEDDON, FUNK JUNKIE, COUGAR BAIT, DETOUR, HUMMER, GLADIATOR, MONSTER, OVERBOOST, MYSTIC and so on.

Each one of the above mentioned rings differ from each other in one or the other way and possess a distinct quality that is hard to find out in another. For instance take the case of the BURGLER ring; it has black plating over tungsten carbide featuring a ninja like look with a sly green colored carbon fiber strip that is sure to get all the attention it needs. The Gladiator ring on the other hand combines both the brushed matte and polish finish along with ceramic grooves. Apart from the blackish tinge is also gives a glimpse of sparkling silver. Want a casual looking black ring that can be worn on a day-to-day basis then go for the HUMMER. With a yellow carbon fiber in the middle, this ring not only looks trendy but also plush. No wonder many consider these tungsten wedding rings for men as an affordable option.

 Ceramic Rings

Ceramic is a non-metallic material that is light in weight yet highly durable, resistant to scratches and cracks is normally rated approximately a nine on Moths scale, a rating of mineral hardness. The above mentioned qualities make them the right material for making rings which can be worn daily, comfortably. It has a chic blackish tinge which when used with grayish tungsten carbide rings for men looks magnificent and goes well with almost all styles of attire.

DRIFTER ring is one among them that looks simple yet trendy with a plain polished surface while the MAD MAX tungsten ring features a ceramic centre in black color with a brushed surface along with scrupulously polished grooves. Few rings like the MONSTER, SPITROAST and MOISTENATOR rings have Kevlar strips in bright colors over polished black ceramic to off set the monotonous appearance. VAPOR TRAIL belonging to the tungsten ceramic type rings turns out to be a stunner with a blue electrifying centre. Other coveted ceramic rings include the MYSTIC BLACK, MUD GUARD, PORK CHOP, SLICK, SMOKING GUN, and TEQUILA SUNRISE so on.

 Matte or Brushed tungsten rings and polished tungsten rings

Rings are not valued solely by the material they are made up of. Actually, the quality and in turn the worth of a ring is determined by the craftsmanship and technique used in the making. This means a plain ring would cost lesser than the one with a special finish or design on it. When we talk about the type of finishes seen on tungsten rings the first thing that comes to your mind would be the matte or brushed tungsten rings and the polished tungsten rings. Brushed finish is intended to create an effect of a paint brush run over the surface. These types of surfaces reflect less light than when compared to the polished surfaces with a smooth glossy finish. A ring can have one or more finishes adding charisma and variety to the ring collection.

The APEX ring has uniformly brushed effect all over it producing a simple yet modish appearance while the DON JUAN emerge as a ring with great muscle with a broad, brushed finish. CUPID is a type with brushed finish centre and beveled, polished edges. WHITE ANGEL is another type with both brushed and polished surfaces displaying a white carbon strip in the middle. The combination of finishes and carbon fiber accent give it an elegant look. SWEETIE, SWITCHBLADE and LEGEND apart from featuring both the polished and brushed finishes showcases a CZ stone giving them a classic look with a modern twist. SLICK and the ROGER belong to the rebellious types with a black shade. These rings exude arrogance and vibe that is hard to describe.

 Silver rings

Unlike women who romance the yellow color, men go head over heels for the silver colored rings. This is why silvery tungsten rings are found in unimaginable variations and styles. Certain varieties like the DREAM WEAVER with dazzling stone channels in the centre with beveled polished edges make wonderful tungsten wedding rings for men. Want something racy? Then go for the BLUE STEEL or BOOSTED ring that has blue colored carbon fiber in the middle with oblique grooves or opt for the ultimately polished CHOPPER ring which comes Freddy type chomp marks. With a brilliant stainless steel design on a carbon fiber base inlay, the KNOWLEDGE ring is perfect to make a fashion statement each day, everyday. REDLINE and SMCKD ARS rings appear lively with their red colored carbon inlaid strips. Men will not even think to take them off as they know that the rings get the most attention. If you prefer a dash of gold along with your silver ring then choose to wear the JET PILOT, POWER, SQUEALER and WEDDER rings.

Don’t think that only men are the blessed souls as there are silver rings for women too. PUSSY KAT ring fits in to that category. It has two gleaming fiber strips in attractive candy pink and three plush CZ stone inlays. Women can increase their bling by sporting this ring.

 Custom tungsten rings

If you do not find a tungsten ring of your preference, do not worry as you can always get them made to order or customize. Each individual is different and so are their styles and desires. Custom tungsten rings are for such individuals. Custom made tungsten rings can give you ultimate satisfaction that cannot be spelt but can be felt.

Customization starts with choosing the shape of the ring base. You can select a square, round, camel hump or even an octagonal shape. If required you can add stripes or leave to be plain. Even the placement of the stripes can be decided, it could be in the right, left or centre. The same way you can include grooves with or without a filling. Various fillers including Carbon Kevlar, carbon are available in an array color palettes like red, black, green, orange, blue and so on. Pick the one of your desire and flaunt your style without any inhibitions. After all it is your ring and no one can object to it. You can even take a step ahead by laser engraving or carving them. The designs laser engraved or carved on rings can include oriental designs, classic inscriptions, proverbs, love verses, wedding date and so on. Famous requests normally comprises of names, Celtic symbols and dates. Variations can be achieved through finishes and plating too. Options like fully polished, fully brushed, edges brushed with the rest of the ring polished and edges polished with rest of the ring brushed are available so that you can make a pick with ease after looking at the illustrations given in the site. Whatever type or color you choose, you should be very clear about your ring size and width as it should fit you comfortably if not it could lead to disappointments.


Now that you know the types of tungsten rings available, choose with care. Look for an online jeweler who has the maximum number of types that adhere to the world class standards and at the same time competitively priced. Know the kind of service the jeweler offers and the better way to do is to read their feedback and customer review pages. Once you have the done the ground work of locating the right jeweler there would not be any stopping to sport an alluring tungsten ring.