There are no hard and fast rules as far as who would be paying towards the wedding expenses are concerned. In the past, the bride’s family used to bear almost all the expenses of a wedding. It would include the music, decorations, music, wedding dress, invitations, favours, return gifts, transportation, accommodation, photography and so on. The groom’s family used to pay for the bride’s ring, rehearsal dinner inclusive of invitations, entertainment, decorations and food. But with skyrocketing costs and mature couples earning a good pay, the scenario has slightly changed now where both the bride and the groom have started sharing the cost among them.

Unlike the past, couples now have a better understanding of the situation and the needs. More than that they have become financially independent and are in a position to make their choices without any inhibitions and worries. So, once they decide to get married they literally sit down and begin to chalk out the whole plan and budget for their big day including the theme of the wedding, day, time, venue, dress, food that is going to be served and of course the type of rings they are going to wear.  Having planned everything beforehand, they meet their parents and discuss about their decisions which would also include who would be paying for what?   It is now become customary to share the wedding costs based on their personal finances and comfort levels. Now either the couple shares or their families share the wedding costs evenly between them so that neither of them feels the pinch more.

In this modern age, internet has emerged as the most sought after medium providing tips and suggestions to couples on ways to share the wedding costs. There are websites especially dedicated to cater to the requirements of young couples. Many articles are published on the net regularly to provide insight on curbing the wedding expenses. For instance, information on both the formal and informal wedding can be found with their pros and cons. Some even suggest opting for a novel wedding theme which in spite of a lower budget would turn out to be a magnificent affair. Some of the valuable tips include hiring a wedding dress instead of purchasing, choosing tungsten rings instead of gold or platinum rings, selecting a venue like beach and so on. Informal weddings are mostly preferred over formal ones as they provide more scope for creativity and cost cutting.

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