This Tungsten Ring has a distinctive name “Cupid”. Cupid tungsten rings are named like wise for a reason. First and foremost, let me tell you what does a cupid mean and why did we choose that name!

Cupid refers to the God of Love according to Roman Mythology. Cupid is believed to be the son of Goddess Venus and God Mars. Greek Mythology also has an equivalent belief in Cupid.

We can see pictures of cupid such like a nude baby or a boy with wings and arrows. He is the incarnation of love. Still we use a heart shape with a arrow in it representing  Love.

Cupid’s arrows have the power to make anyone fall in love and there is a Fairytale of Cupid’s love with Psyche.

Thus based on Cupid’s love we have named it as Cupid tungsten rings for a everlasting relationship of love. They are a fabulous choice as wedding rings and engagement ring. Let cupid’s arrows make the magic in you to express your infamous Cupid form of love to your lady.

With its brushed top and polished edges, cupid Tungsten Carbide rings have a Angelic appearance and a smooth tungsten outlook. Try it today and bring out your Loving nature.


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