More people are opting for customized tungsten rings today and not without reason too. Men prefer it for the strength and awesome style, and women too have started preferring tungsten carbide rings as they come in a wide range of exciting designs. Some of the latest offerings in tungsten for women include diamond encrusted rings that are shatter-proof, stylish, and make a great style statement. The latest wedding rings are a perfect fusion of two of the hardest materials on earth – Diamond and tungsten carbide, symbolising a lasting bond for life.

No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. Why not make the wedding perfect with a customized tungsten ring that can be made to order the way one wants? One has to simply browse through the numerous designs to select the one that appeals best. The range includes tungsten rings in shiny black, pearly white and a myriad other intricate designs created by skilled artisans and hand-crafted just for the occasion. Actually, choosing a design is left to the imagination of the user, where a combination of tungsten, gold and cobalt or one of tungsten titanium and chromium, or just plain tungsten encrusted with specially selected diamonds are some of the options available. The benefit with customized rings is that it fits snugly in your finger, just tight enough to stay in position without leaving any mark. Some of the jewellers offer an additional engraving service where any inscription you choose is specially engraved, as per requests.


Customize your tungsten rings

Of course, the choice is so exhaustive that it can be a bit confusing. Consider a shiny tungsten ring with a solitaire diamond (slightly larger) or one that has a specific birthstone embedded. Whatever the design or finish, the sheen and glitter in a tungsten carbide ring coupled with the inherent strength it possesses makes it the preferred  choice with most people ready to tie the knot. This popularity is what encouraged several artisans and jewellers to attempt creating exquisite pieces in several other combinations like a bevelled, diamond encrusted tungsten wedding ring or a tungsten – palladium combo inlaid with a sparkling diamond. The other variations include perfectly symmetrical concave surfaces with intricate designs running through the ridge in the middle or a shiny, well-finished convex surface that comes with a rounded edge. Another popular design is the bevelled edged two tone ring that comes in a combination of tungsten and gold or black, giving it a distinctly classy look.


So what do these engravings really mean to the couple? Wedding rings carry much more significance than one thinks. The first and foremost aspect a wedding ring symbolizes is the bond between the couple, the special something they share which others don’t have. If you are one among the special ones that celebrate the odd bond that you two share, engraving a ring based on this odd factor could mean something more than what the normal Marriage rings and bands symbolize. This dynamic reason could mean more to your partner than the vows you say or the beautiful wedding at the Barbados, from where the sunset or the blue sea is visible.

An example of how your odd factor could be engraved in a ring is followed. If you are a carpenter and the girl you are in love with is a surgeon, the rings could be engraved with a tiny heart shaped saw. This could be simplest way to show the care and thoughtfulness you have put into something that has to be with your partner till the end of times. And that’s exactly why wedding rings are to be engraved. It endures as a symbol of love, care and bond which is to be shared for an entire lifetime.