Everyone man and woman, apart from dreaming of a perfect partner for themselves, dream about a distinct wedding that is inimitable, matchless and would leave an imprint in the minds of their family and friends. How you plan your wedding is obviously very important but where you plan to wed is of prime significance for your happiness. Here are some very paradises like places on earth to lose yourself in the saga of your wedding day.

New South Wales, Australia: – Where else would you find heavenly bliss other than New South Wales. With over ten different magnificent places to be in such as Blue Mountains, Sydney, Central Coast and Snowy Mountains; New South Wales serves as an impeccable wedding destination. If you are a beach lover, then you should be the happiest person as there are beautiful and awe-inspiring hundreds of beaches along the coast.

Malaysia: – You have a gamut of choices when it comes to Malaysia. In addition to experiencing a great wedding, you will have a chance to experience Multiculturalism and Multi ethnicity. There are naturally stupendous islands off the coast. The Sipadan Island, the Langkawi and the Pulau Redang islands are ideal locations for a great wedding.

Indonesia: – Your wedding will turn into delight with the aesthetic places in Indonesia. Islands, Beaches and Surfing will add to the charm of your wedding. However, Bali will make a great destination for a peaceful wedding giving you the scope to extend quality time for each other because this island is enchanting. And the Indonesian sea food will make your wedding a complete one.

Venice: – If you are on the lookout for a romantic wedding destination, then Romeo-Juliet’s home in Europe is not a place to be missed. The historically rich and serene environment, all contribute to the charm of Venice. Plan your wedding in Venice for a romantic wedding.

Pacific Islands: – There are many islands in the Pacific that will make your wedding day a special one such Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Norfolk but people have been talking about Hawaii all the time. The Hawaiian Isles with a magnetic charm invites couples for the great day to experience natural beauty while you say ‘Yes, I do’.

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Indian Ocean: – Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean is described as the first heaven and per se a beautiful planet. A fabulous place to get married, Mauritius offers alluring landscape, dreamy beaches and cultural diversity.

All in all, as you extend your hand for the wedding ring to enter into a life-long commitment, make sure you celebrate with Tungsten’s choice of wedding destinations sieved from around the world especially for you.