Wedding escort cards are by virtue the most convenient channel to assist guests at a wedding to their respective seats. Escort cards can be made very creative, interesting and also become a memento giving the guests some wonderful memories to cherish.

Escort cards help in arranging systematic seating for your guests – singles, couples or large groups, thus ensuring that every single attendee at the wedding is comfortably seated. Such arrangements help in bringing friends and even acquaintances avail of seating in the same group or perhaps sitting near each other. There are a million creative ways to produce the most attractive wedding escort cards.

If the wedding is an outdoor affair at a beach, you can collect a large number of assorted medium sized sea-shells. Use a nice silver colored paper to make rectangular tags with the names of the guests written on each rectangular piece and stick one under each shell. These can be arranged on a table piled with sand across the surface. Each sea shell, thus has a guest’s name waiting to be picked up.

wedding escort ideas

Mad Tungsten Wedding Escort Ideas

If you want your guests to carry mementos, you can buy tiny bells or vintage cow bells. Write the names of the guests on rectangular pieces of bright colored paper with details of their seating arrangements and pin these up on a soft board set up in the hallway. The guests can later ring their tiny bells when the groom kisses the bride and keep the bells as a souvenir. You can also use vintage cow bells as an alternative.

If you desire to feed your guests an additional sweetener, you can buy small glass jars, fill them with a few chocolates and stick colorful paper flags with their names into each jar. Set these on a table at the entrance for guests to pick up their respective jars indicating their seating arrangement. You could organize for wooden escort cards in fresh fern boxes or also have white Tent cards with fortune cookies inside.

Another interesting creation could involve pinning different colored strips of satin ribbons on a white soft-board with every single strip carrying a colored rectangular paper card, like a visiting card, displaying the name of the guest and the table. Tiny wicker baskets with cheerful colored parasols can be set up on a table with the details on the little umbrellas. The baskets can be taken home as cute mementos. If the venue is large with really huge French windows, you can get innovative and use white paint to write down the guests’ names and table numbers. All they will have to do is read!

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