Tungsten carbide rings are extremely popular today and come in various shapes and cuts. It is the skill of the artisan and the imagination of the jeweller that reflects, not just in the sheen of the rings, but in the cut and finish as well. Let’s take for instance, men’s wedding rings. No doubt the prized possession in any man’s life, these rings come with almost as many facets as a diamond. One can imagine the painstaking work that goes into making; say a stylish eight faceted ring that is squared as well. The ring comes with a smooth, inner wall that fits on the finger, with the shiny flat surfaces glittering on the outer side, and the aesthetic appeal is amazing. Most of the excited, to-be bridegrooms will fall in love with such a ring at first sight, as they probably did with the girl they are about to marry. Those who’re married already will regret having missed the opportunity of wearing such a beauty while walking down the aisle.

Tungsten wedding rings for men



It’s not just wedding rings. Married and unmarried men wouldn’t want to try missing the other types of tungsten carbide rings that include some that come with grooved indents along the side, enhancing the great look and fine finish. The burnished rings have a smooth finish on either sides, and the grooved indents are placed along the sides in perfect symmetry. They create perfect style statements that any man would want to make. Yet another type of tungsten carbide rings are the ones that have gentle concave ridges that run right through the middle, and usually sport a two tone effect. The ridge is usually in a splendid black tone, increasing the contrast effect on the shiny edges. A multiple-casting process is used while producing such rings that make them scratch proof. Two tone tungsten rings also come with a streak of ceramic running through, usually in black.


Tungsten carbide rings for men- Crazy yellow

The other types include women’s wedding rings as well that come in intricate patterns and designs that give the rings a gloss and finish that is simply amazing. They could have grooved ridges, or a couple of ceramic streaks running through, just as in the men’s wedding rings.

tungsten carbide wedding rings for women


It is the intricate design patterns that make them a woman’s delight, and stand apart as well. Then there are the religious cross tungsten carbide rings with tiny crosses embedded all along the surface that are preferred by the religious minded folk. All these rings are available off the shelf, and can also be customized according to individual tastes and preferences.