Wedding rings are paramount importance that has germane in both engagement and wedding. Wedding ceremony mostly tailored with wedding rings. Wedding is a token of dignity to love, affection, relationship, etc., A wedding ceremonies must include a basic etiquette of exchanging wedding vows and wedding rings by the twosome. In some marriages, wedding pledge is also a part taken by both the bride and groom. Eventually, religious prayers, music, party, newlyweds start to dance and other aspects take wedding to the pinnacle peak. Here come some other ways of wearing wedding bands along with traditional custom:

different ways to wear your wedding rings

Traditional Custom:

Historically, wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger. Wedding ring signifies that your wedding promise and love should be eternal like a circle on the wedding ring. Most of the modern couples don’t know the custom of the wedding rings. Marrying couples must know the reason, why wedding rings are worn. Make your wedding memorable and interesting for you. Let your wedding ring shows off your love tale.

Stacking with Engagement Ring:

Engagement ring signifies that you are engaged and it’s been a genuine agreement to marry someone. Now, the current trend followed by most of the people is stacking up wedding ring with an engagement ring. It shows pride towards your love and your partner.

Blend Wedding Ring With Engagement Ring:

In the current technological world, make use of modern technology to mix your separate rings together. i.e. Intermingle wedding ring along with an engagement ring, it looks neat and clean.

Stylish Ways to Wear Wedding Rings:

Fashion invades into every aspect of our life. In future, this fashionable way seems to be an admirable idea on how rings are worn by the couples after their wedding ceremony. Here come some vogue ideas on wearing wedding rings:

Wedding Ring on Necklace:

Make wedding Ring – A Pendant on Necklace. Put on your wedding band on your necklace sounds like a vogue and keeps it close to your heart. If you are a lovey-dovey couple, then wear your wedding ring on a necklace. It always gives you a great pleasure. If you wish, blend both your rings together and wear it as a pendant on your chain.

Wedding Ring on Bracelet:

Another fashionable way to wear wedding ring is to wear it on your bracelet. It always reminds your lovable partner and your love tale whenever you see it.