Gone are the days when people in love would spend hours at the gold or silversmith shops deciding on wedding rings for themselves. It was a different world, one that firmly believed the best rings could be made only out of gold and silver. Rising prices have made these metals unaffordable. Moreover they are vulnerable to harsh conditions, get scratched and even bend under some circumstances. The trending jewellery today is made from alternative metals preferably for wedding rings. The most notable amongst alternative metals is Tungsten and Titanium. You may wonder why? Well, simply because Titanium is thrice as strong as steel and Tungsten metals are four times stronger than Titanium. Tungsten carbide is one of the strongest metals around. When combined with carbon it becomes stronger and more durable than any other metal.  Titanium is more solid. However, though it is lighter than most metals it is also stronger than them.  Titanium is found in abundance on our planet but the process involved in the production of titanium alloys is very expensive when compared to the production of other precious metals resulting in steep prices for the entire range of jewellery. Amongst all the metals we are familiar with, Tungsten Carbide has the highest melting point i.e. 3,300 degrees Celsius. Tungsten Carbide is a beautiful blend of Tungsten and carbon alloy. Tungsten rings comprise of an unbelievable durability and the most severe conditions are unable to dent them. Tungsten carbide rings have a real macho look making them a preferred choice for wedding rings for men. Tungsten carbide rings do include a little of silver, gold and even the famous tough Kevlar, all of which make Tungsten carbide and ten times more strong than gold the second toughest after diamonds . The manner in which Tungsten rings are made gives them a shine alien to other metals and this shine is infinite. And perhaps this is what gives it an innate feature of suiting every skin without the fear of causing any allergies. Remember, Titanium rings are so tough, that you will never be able to cut them in the event of e.g. putting on weight and being unable to remove them. You will need special tools to cut it off from your finger. So what will it be?  Gold and silver rings which can be dented scratched and damaged after spending a fortune on them or the tough elegant Tungsten rings which look classy, strong and are affordable? Tungsten rings can be customized to effect. From the kind of design, the number of grooves running around the band, to the base of the ring to engraving whatever you want, you just have to place the order. Even more interesting is the fact that these very strong rings can be also embedded with semi-precious stones, be it diamonds or rubies – the choice is yours!