From an age unbeknownst to us, the tradition of wedding rings has been a part of every successful love story. It was the crowning glory of the eternal love shared between two souls. The circle in itself, symbolizes eternity, where there is no origin and no end. Though it still is a widely practiced tradition, the question arises as to whether men in particular, still wear their wedding rings.

Studies show a declining rate in men willing to wear their wedding rings. This of course does not mean that they don’t love their wives anymore, but actually leads us to a varied number of difficulties men face with having their wedding rings on their fingers all through their life. Men cite these complications as a reason they no longer wear their wedding rings.

The primary complaint being, they are way too expensive to get one and maintain it. Gold being the traditional metal for wedding bands, this is a very practical point, seeing the cost of gold in the present market. The next reason that comes up is that they dent and scratch ever so often which obviously doesn’t look good any longer. Removing these dents and scratches is a pretty expensive task in itself. And then there is the obvious fear of losing it and having to replace it. Sure isn’t good for your pocket!


Considering all the above (very reasonable) difficulties men face with their wedding rings, there arises a necessity to come up with a wedding ring that can bulldoze over all those difficulties with ease. The great thing is that they already have- Tungsten Carbide Wedding bands! Here is a look on how they provide a solution to all the problems men face with their typical men wear their wedding rings

To begin with, they are the cheapest on the wedding ring market. They don’t put a dent in your pocket and can be replaced with as much ease when necessary. The best thing about them is that there is an almost nil possibility of them to ever scratch or dent. Tungsten carbide is one of the most hardest and scratch resistant metal ever made and your ring will look brand new even after years of wearing them! Now that’s something very attractive about a wedding ring right? Also it doesn’t break easily owing to its extreme hardness, thus being the perfect choice for men who do a lot of hard manual work.

Tungsten Carbide rings are easy to maintain, looks new for a really long time and comes in an attractive gunmetal color in an unending array of designs that would no doubt turn many heads. So it is high time men ditch the excuses and get a pair of the stylish and affordable Tungsten Carbide Rings as a symbol of their eternal love.