The new, unconventional tungsten, the old, convention platinum and the dilemma as to which ring you should buy. It is important to make the right choice, as wedding rings are not bought again and again. It is also important to make a choice that you do not regret.  And when you think about options to choose from, white tungsten rings for men do not make a miss. But then what about the good ole platinum? Here is how you can clear your dilemma, with this listing of the characteristics of both the materials:


When compared to platinum, white tungsten rings are more durable and stronger. Plus, they are scratch-free making them very much ideal for daily use and for the hands of men. Platinum is delicate, it not ideal for daily wear and tear, there are chances of causing damage to your very-close-to-the-heart ring. From the very first day that the white tungsten ring was worn, till 10 years down the line, it looks the same, new ring.


Platinum is undoubtedly priced very high; it is the most precious metal on Earth. But on the other side of the coin, tungsten rings are very cheap, whatever is your budget, a white tungsten ring is very much affordable. You can get white tungsten rings for as low as 200$. No holes in your pocket when you do not choose platinum.


Although platinum is classic and traditional, giving a beautiful look, white tungsten is more apt for men. It does not give out a fragile look and still looks elegant. It is highly finished and comes in more variety than platinum even when the market for white tungsten has just opened when platinum’s market has been going on for years. White tungsten can be customized as and how you want it.


Leaving aside the physical and financial parts and coming to the most important part of the ring, it is the message that the ring gives out which is of utmost value. When it comes to that, platinum ring may definitely give the tag of ‘precious bonding’ to your wedding or engagement, white tungsten would give a tag of ‘fresh, unique and forever’. When it comes to men, they would always prefer a ring that defines and asserts their personalities and white tungsten does exactly that.

Now is the time to choose for you, after reading about both these ring types. Make the choice that speak for you, all the best.