Weddings celebrated the conventional way inside churches, banquet halls or hotels are a passé these days. Couples now prefer to have their weddings conducted at any one of their dream wedding locations so that the whole affair lingers not only in their memories but also in the attendees’ memories, for long. Hence great significance is given to the venue just as one would give to their wedding rings, dresses and cuisine served. This change in preference can be mainly attributed to the increased influx of posts seen on social media sites, peer pressure and also lifestyle change. Now anyone can reach their dream wedding locations in no time by catching a flight along with their guests.

Couples are now spoilt with the number of choices that selecting one destination turns out to be a hard decision. They can choose from some of the exotic venues extended across hundreds of countries. Some even fancy their weddings conducted under weird conditions.

No wonder we read news about couples marrying under water with sharks as witness, on mid-air while bungee jumping or on a hot air balloon. However, certain dream wedding locations have managed to remain popular among modern day couples and they include the Gondolas of Venice, the Le Chateau d’Esclimont, France, the beaches in Australia, the Taj Mahal, India and Bali, Indonesia. There are many reasons behind the choice of dream wedding locations. Some of the widely accepted ones include the possibility of visiting and spending time amidst plush and interesting outdoor locales along with their beloved ones, being able to combine wedding along with honeymoon, mingle with different people, taste different foods and to enjoy a relaxed time.

Dream Wedding locations

Venice is one of the unique and romantic dream wedding locations that offer a picture prefect setting with its mesmerizing canals, gondola rides, bridges and monuments. Ever dreamt of a princess like wedding, then go for the Le Chateau d’Esclimont located in the romantic city of France. It is a 150 acre estate offering various fun-filled activities like horse rides, hikes, fishing and so on for the guests too. With numerous beaches all along its coastline along with many coves, bays and harbours, Australian beaches is one of the favorite wedding venues for water fond, adventurous couples. Exchanging rings under the sky with ample sunshine and water alongside is something that is worth cherishing all the lifetime. Taj Mahal is synonymous to love, hence most of the lovers wish that they get married before this magnificent white marble structure. Bali, Indonesia is another top venue for conducting weddings. There is something magical about the clear beaches, temples, culture and food of this place that many dream to visit and get married here.