There are ample of wedding band choices available in the market to create dilemma in your mind as to what is best for you. However these wedding band choices can be broadly classified into two kinds: the conventional ones and the unconventional ones. Let’s elaborate on these two categories to know more about the available choices.

CONVENTIONAL: Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond

You have heard of these wedding band choices before, they have been chosen as wedding bands ever since the tradition of weddings had begun. They are available in various shapes and sizes are delicate in their look and finish. One disadvantage to these rings is that they burn a huge hole in your pocket. These are the fancy rings which the brides and the grooms would love but what if you want to surprise them? What if for your own wedding you wish to deviate from the ordinary and do something EXTRA and UNIQUE? There lies an unconventional wedding band choice as well.

UNCONVENTIONAL: Tungsten, Tungsten and Tungsten

Tungsten is in trend, it is the new choice for the ones in love and the ones who wish to give the best and the unique to their loved ones in the form of wedding bands. So what are the choices that the durable tungsten wedding bands have to offer? Let’s have a look at some of the options:

  • GUN METAL RINGS: These rings are silver in their base color, with various kinds of designs available in the collection. The collection contains rings with blue carbon fiber patched in the middle and many more such designs including certain feminine ones.
  • KEVLAR TUNGSTEN RINGS: These are the rings which are made with the same material of the bulletproof vests, Kevlar. These give out an excellent message to your partner as it indicates that you wish your relationship to be bulletproof as well! Highly dynamic in color and design with a hundred percent �wow� guaranteed.
  • TUNGSTEN CARBIDE RINGS: These are the most durable tungsten wedding bands in the market as they are an alloy of carbon and tungsten, with their life expectancy being equal to your life expectancy!

And many more.

They come in various finishes and sizes. They can also be made exactly how you want it, yes! You can get a customized tungsten ring for yourself. Tungsten rings are highly durable, do not burn a big hole in your pocket and look classy on the ring fingers. If you are out of those who prefer elegance over bling then this is the apt wedding band choice for you!