Duties of the Groom There is usually a flurry of activity before any wedding. With a million things to be attended to, you normally run short of time when the D day finally arrives. In any traditional wedding, the groom, bride, best man and bridesmaids have distinct roles. Putting away things until the last minute can create a lot of confusion and unnecessary stress. However, it is not just them; all the members of a wedding party have some small role or the other to play. Only then can a wedding go off smoothly, without any hitches. The groom may be the special man in the entire exercise; he too has certain duties that need to be carried out during a wedding. Here are a few guidelines as to what is expected of a groom.

The first thing the groom needs to think of is the expenditure involved. Consulting parents, friends and close relatives is a good idea. In case the parents are bearing part of the cost, discuss every single item of expenditure and draw a comprehensive budget.

Most weddings are shows of pomp and a lot is conveyed in the style, setting, and theme you decide on, as it reflects your taste. You will also have to decide on important things like the venue, date and time, and reservations have to be made and deposits paid well in advance.

If you think you are going to need any counseling prior to the wedding, you need to meet up with your wedding officiate and participate in a few sessions. As a groom, you are going to need attendants. The attendants you choose need to be smart looking and attired well to look presentable during the function.

Wedding invitations need to be sent well in advance, once the dates are confirmed, have the cards ordered. Similarly, you will also need a bunch of thank you notes and save-the-date-cards that have to be sent out.

The wedding ring is as important as the groom, bride and the wedding itself. There can be no wedding without a wedding ring, hence ordering one well in advance makes good sense.

Gifts need to be purchased for the best man/men, bridesmaids, and kids of close relatives and friends. Ordering the gifts and having them packed is time consuming and needs to be done well in advance.

Similarly, the groom and the bride will be receiving a lot of gifts. It will be a good gesture to acknowledge all gifts with a personal thank-you note signed by both.  The other important things the groom has to remember  is to apply for a marriage license and obtain it on time, attend rehearsals, have a well-rehearsed line to greet everyone on arrival, and be the first one to dance at the reception.