Just as there can be no weddings without brides, there can be no weddings without best men, because they play an important traditional role at weddings. Usually it is a bosom pal or a close relative of the groom who fills in as one of the best men, though it used to be just one best man all these years. Today, it is not uncommon to find two or even three best men at weddings. That may be so, as it is a matter of preference, however, your best man has some duties that only he can fulfill.

The role begins quite early

As a groom, you are going to need the services of your best men a good 6 months before the actual D day. There is the task of choosing ushers and getting them organised. Best men may also be required to spend some time with the bride and groom, along with the maid of honor to plan out the details in the planning process for the wedding. There is also the all-important groom’s wedding attire, involving several visits to the tailor for suit fittings.

Fast approaching D day

Time flies, and before you can say Jack Robinson, you realize that there is hardly 3 months left for the day. There are several other things like rehearsing the speech for the reception, where you may need several sittings before you shed the nervousness and get it the way you want. There is also the inevitable stag party, where best men needs to talk to the groom and find out what he has in mind, figure out who should be included, and prepare a guest list, and check on the best available dates. It is probably advisable to place an order for a customized wedding ring, giving the jeweler enough time to get it ready.

Almost time…

With just a week to go for the wedding, there is bound to be a flurry of activity. As one of the best men, if there is more than one, you need to run through the check list and also plan for the honeymoon. You are going to need to check on the important documents like visas, passports etc for both bride and groom and make the necessary travel arrangements including ticketing. You will also need to take care of the hotel bookings.

Coming back to the wedding itself, the local transport arrangements need to be made, and if the groom prefers a decked up limousine, you need to have one booked well in advance. It makes sense to run through the arrangements one more time, and ensure everything is perfect. Even if you forget an important thing like the wedding ring (no wedding without that) can cause a lot of confusion at the last moment.