If marriages and marriages are made in Heaven, the one thing that makes the beautiful couple earthly are the rings they exchange during their marriage. The significance carried by these rings cannot be merely expressed in words. Rings have always been a larger part of our lives, but we never manage to realize what these little guys symbolize in our lives. Marriage rings have certain qualifications that none other in this world consists of, not even an engagement ring. Below are the eight of the many ingredients that make a wedding ring.

1)      The Bond:

It’s not just the bond between the couple that matters, but also the bonds between the rings have a great importance. This particular factor is qualified to grab the first place because the essence of bond plays a far more important role. So how do you measure a ring by its bond? This part may be a little tricky and a little more confusing. Let’s back ourselves to a sitcom in order to understand the term ‘Bond’. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was a huge success because the series wasn’t just something that we experience in our daily lives, but also because of the fact that we could relate ourselves completely to any of the six characters played. Personally, I consider myself Chandler and a girl always considers herself as Rachel. The point to be noted here is the marriage of Chandler and Monica. When Chandler finally made up his mind to propose Monica, he tagged along Phoebe to go ring hunting. Though not a wedding ring, the blue ring caught his eyes and right at that moment, all he wanted was to acquire it. Now that’s what we exactly call a bond. You may love your partner more than anything in this world, but only a single ring makes you think for a second that the bond between you and your partner could be strengthened more with it. This exactly is the bond.

2)      The Strength:

Nothing cuts diamond, but a diamond. That’s good, but isn’t a demand for engagements. Diamonds are largely used when people finally take the big step of proposing. That’s to show that they really committed towards the partner they love, but a marriage ring is for life. This ring should have something more than just the usual rings suggest. These rings are the basic foundation on which the entire journey of marriage is based on. So, the strength of the ring matters a lot. The strength of the ring is not just based on the physical properties of the metal that is used in making the ring but also the strength of the couple themselves. At times the equation is taken quiet opposite, though not wrong, the indication is preposterous. The strength of the relationship is never based on the strength of the ring. It usually is considered that the stronger couple of heart cares more about the rings than any other possession they own.

This world has always wanted a change in the trend, but never the tradition. That’s the reason why the rings are still worn today. But the material used in the making of the ring isn’t permanent. There were times when people preferred gold, but as time passed the strength mattered, so in came the trend of white gold, platinum and tungsten rings. Tungsten is normally now used in marriage rings to indicate and reflect the strength the couple has.

3)      The Similarity:

Have you ever wondered why couple exchange rings and not bracelets or tiaras. If you are still wondering, you might have got the answer. The reason is, rings are the only ornaments that are worn by both the gender. All other options would plainly look crazy. Even if couples exchanged tiaras, it definitely isn’t possible for them to fancy it for the rest of their lives. Whereas rings are small, elegant and a perfect way to symbolize a bond that will possibly last forever and at the same time would stay attached to them at all times. Hence, the similarity. The rings the couple fancy must have something that makes them unique and at the same time similar. Meaning, the rings, they wear should be unique when compared to the rings of other couples and at the same time the rings they exchange must have a similarity. Something that says that, on without the other is plain meaningless. Just like the lives of the couples that remain meaningless without the other. It’s not just the lives that share a similarity, but also the rings. Though not a necessity, the resemblance would put out a great gesture to the people who display themselves with these rings.

4)      The Sizing:

There once lived a man who made scarecrows for fields of corn. His journey started with bitter experiences. Scarecrows like we all know are meant to scare the crows off the field such that the corn remains intact to the plant. So how big should a scarecrow be? The perfect answer to this is – ‘Normal’. He noticed that the crows never came near the field once he stepped out into it and then later on the idea to make something similar to him crossed his mind and that’s when the thought of creating a scarecrow came to him. Like all scarecrows are made, this too had hay stuffed inside and was as same height and stoutness of the farmer. The next morning he noticed that the place where he placed the scarecrow was safe but the rest of the field had the usual damages. Guess what he did next? He did not place another scarecrow, but instead enlarged the scarecrow that was already in place. Things went south and the next morning the entire farm was destroyed by the crows, which also includes the scarecrow. If there is one lesson to be learnt from this story, is that the size matters. Neither too small nor too big, but perfect, is the way to go.

5)      The long term:

The long term goals are something all are scared of. To be honest, it scatters me too when I think of the long term plans. And this is just the plans I have for my career. When thinking of the future with a partner; it is more than just mere scary. But when a person finally overcomes the fear and poses the question the entire process seems to be just moving out like the clouds during a sunny day. There isn’t anything he would rather do than get married to the love one. That’s how much he or she values the relationship. The selected ring has to showcase the same aspects he has and that is quite hard to find but not impossible. The first thing to be considered here is the physical aspects of the ring. For people who are in search for that perfect ring that defines long term goals, there are very few metals that satisfy it. Tungsten rings are a great example of this. They serve as a great long term ring that makes things pretty comfortable. Firstly a tungsten ring is hard, very hard indeed. Second, they don’t rust or go blunt. So this alone is more than enough for the couple to consider a metal such as tungsten to be their engagement ring.

6)      The Scratch:

Scratches come and go within us, but at the very least are these scratches unresolvable. There are scratches shallow and deep, but it doesn’t mean that they cannot be avoided forever. The pains you receive from your loved one can be null. Well, not practically but theoretically. At the same time, rings made of white gold and silver have something that has in common with couples that don’t usually go with each other. Scratches are developed in both cases and that cannot be minimized. Once a scratch forever a scratch, polishing it is way too hard and when the scratches are deeper, the polishing and waxing is quite impossible. Now coming to metals that actually make things more comfortable when the conundrum of scratches is considered, tungsten again serves as a better metal; these metals can be called the father of all wedding rings because it usually qualifies every requirement a marriage ring must possess. Tungsten rings have proved to be scratch proof at rough times. In fact the luster too is hard to come off. The reason behind this property is the strength the ring possesses. Except during the making, the option of creating dents and making the ring ugly is impossible. This particular property of Tungsten rings has made things easy for couples to choose a reliable wedding ring.

7)      The Quality:

The foremost point came up with a story that described the bond necessary for a ring and here we would discuss something from the imagination. Monica and Chandler are now happily married and before another on and off relationship starts with Ross and Rachel, let’s get them married. Not like the one they had in Vegas. The relationship was pretty evident from the beginning and denying the fact that the love story wasn’t meant fort his generation is pure bullocks. Like the story mentioned by those two at the 35th wedding anniversary of the Gellers, the ring too used in the wedding too must be perfect. The quality of a relationship cannot be measured, but the quality of a ring can be. Rings of various metals and objects have their own quality measures. As far as white gold goes, the property of it to be worthy enough for the couple is measured in the price they pay. The higher the price of the ring, better the quality of the ring. In tungsten, the best of the rings can be made out using the constituents used in the making of it. More impurities in the metal are the reason why the quality drops it. There are various shops that give you proof and does justice to the rings you purchase. Moreover, various shops have extended their hands online to give the people’s satisfaction of what they are going to receive. Though many don’t actually give the right evidence of what they sell, many websites have given possible certifications and evidence for what they have to sell, making it possible for many to trust such.

8)      The Love:

The love you have for your partner may be priceless, but the ring you give in order to have him or her forever is priced. Make sure that the ring you pick up is loved by both because you want to hate something that stays eternally with you later on. There are various couples that renew their vows when their love story goes sour and takes a new turn. But the rings, they wear aren’t changed, because that is permanent. Make sure that the ring you choose is equally precious and loved just like the man or woman who has entered your life and that makes things much easier. After all, at the end of the day the only thing that lasts forever is the love you both have and the ring that you loved eternally.

Apart from these eight points mentioned above, there are various other things that make rings special and there are various other constituents that make them more reliable. But these alone are more than enough to determine if the ring you have in your hand right now is precious enough. The world today is moving so fast that we hardly have enough time to go out and buy a decent lunch for ourselves. We order stuff online today and find many sites tricky. It becomes trickier when they are jewelry, especially when something you order has to do something for the rest of your life. To readers: This world is surely cruel, but not all are. Make sure to find the right online shops when ordering wedding rings or for the fact anything online. The one you love may not cherish the grand wedding at the Malibu Beach but will always cherish the ring you put on her that day.