Your wedding day is up soon and you have plans to get your unique wedding ring specially designed for you. But how to make it unique and special? No worries, you can add some engravings on it to make it “the one for you”. Engraving rings are common and unique with a special message engraved on or inside your wedding rings.

The engravings can be of different types either words or images. This custom of engraving began in Europe and today this is the easiest was to customize your special ring. The traditional engraving includes the name of the couples or the wedding date but it has become common to engrave messages in today’s period. Here are few tips that can guide you in getting your engraved ring.

  • Pre-plan your inscription

Get your inscription ready a month earlier as customizing your rings with an engraving might be time consuming depending upon the jeweller and your inscription.


  • Size your ring according to your phrase

The “phrase” you choose matters when it comes to engravings. Choose your phrase according to your rings size as resizing your ring according to a lengthy phrase can be a bit tricky.

tungsten rings- engraving

  • Choose the best engraving method

Engravings are usually done by two methods i.e. the hand engraving and the machine engraving. The hand engraving is done with a chisel or other engraving tools whereas the machine engraving composes of power driven machines and computer designs. Machine engraving is advantageous as various designs can easily be added.


Mad tungsten designs your special rings with engravings on in it at an additional cost of $30 to $70 depending on the engraving. If you wish to add images you can send a copy of those images to be engraved on your ring.  Customizing your ring with a special engraving can be the best option to create your unique ring.