When it comes to wedding bands, every couple look for a pair that truly reflects their love and commitment towards each other and the relationship they are going to forge. An increasing number of young couples today are looking for new and unique designs and trends in wedding rings to declare their bond in style. Be it contemporary designs, the choice of gemstones, the material of the rings, or the engravings that go on them; there is a great demand for new and chic ideas. Among the latest range in wedding rings are the trendy and durable Tungsten Carbide rings. Comfortably available in all budgets, the Tungsten wedding rings are non-abrasive, corrosion resistant and scratch proof. Crafted from the second hardest metal on Earth, these rings can withstand even the most rugged everyday use. Tungsten in combination with Gold, Silver or Platinum works beautifully to create some amazing wedding ring designs. One can find some breathtakingly beautiful collection of Tungsten wedding rings at madtungsten.com.au. The highly durable and long lasting Tungsten wedding rings are also very easy to customize and style into the ring of your choice. Wedding ring engravings have been a classic way of expressing one’s love; etching it into a timeless declaration that will defy the years and waves of change forever. They are also a great idea to personalize your bands. Tungsten wedding bands with engravings look amazing and add to your overall style besides being that element of edgy fun on your big day. Types of Engravings If you too are looking to personalize your Tungsten wedding rings you can opt from the different types of engravings listed below for the ones that most suit you. Once these are decided, you can move ahead to the actual design you have in mind.

  • Hand Engravings Vs Laser Engravings – Traditionally rings were engraved with hand with designs chiselled to perfection. Even today many couples like the conventional approach to engraving tungsten rings. However, it is best to let your jeweller suggest which design looks best when engraved with hand; unless you have something specific in mind. Hand engraved rings do take a longer duration to get commissioned. Also, it is wise to opt for a jeweller with years of experience in providing hand engraved rings and skilled craftsmen who can execute the design beautifully.

On the other hand, almost all designs can be executed to perfection using laser cuts. The laser engravings are burnt onto the surface of the ring in sizes most desirable to the couple. Be it a simple etching of names, or dates, or intricate designs; this is a much faster, clearer, crisp, and more accurate method to get some perfectly engraved tungsten rings for your special day.

  • Outer Surface Engravings Vs Inner Surface Engravings – It is important to decide whether you want the ring to be engraved on the outer surface or on the inner surface. Plain bands carry off engravings beautifully on the outside, and more when they are intermittently interrupted with some gemstones to highlight the work.

On the other hand, an inlaid, tinted or studded outer surface works well with engraved inner surface. They are also opted for in case your wedding rings have diamonds and detailed craftsmanship on the outside. Inner surface engravings also offer more privacy to your personalized messages allowing them to remain concealed from public eye.

  • Detailed Engravings Vs Short and Simple Designs – One can choose between an intricately detailed engraving design for their wedding band or opt for something simple yet personally significant. A major factor in deciding the intricacy of the design would also be one’s budget and the time at hand. The more intricate a design, more time it will take to get executed and more expensive it will be.

Some great ideas of engravings on tungsten wedding rings For a couple in love and about to get married, numerous ideas can be used to make the rings special. Some of these are – Text Engravings – There are different kinds of text that can be engraved on one’s wedding band. As a couple you could choose to have partial messages on each ring, completed only when the rings are together; or similar messages on both bands, complimenting each other. Some ideas that work beautifully as text engravings are –

  • The first words you both exchanged
  • A simple ‘I love You’ or ‘You are mine’ that states your love forever
  • Words from your favorite love song
  • A quote you’ll never forget as a couple
  • Your favorite verse that is significant to your love for each other
  • The first text message that you exchanged as a couple
  • A question on one ring and an answer on the other
  • Your partner’s name on your ring and vice-versa
  • A funny quote, line from a book, movie dialogue or joke that holds key significance in sparking your love
  • A religious quote you both strongly believe in

Numbers and dates – Numbers, especially Roman numerals work very well on wedding bands. They allow you to mark a significant date and etch it in style forever. Numerals can be engraved either on the outer side of the ring or on the inner side. The size too can vary from being inconspicuously small to prominently bold and big digits. When intermittently placed diamonds, emeralds or rubies are used along with the engraved digits, it adds to the overall chic style. These precious stones can either be used in the end of the numbers/phrases or they can be used as separators after each digit/word engraved on the ring. Here are some great ideas of the kind of numerals that can go on your tungsten wedding bands –

  • Engravings to mark your wedding date or the date when you first met
  • The date when you proposed your girl and she accepted it
  • Your birth dates
  • Your lucky numbers
  • The address where your romance first began
  • The year when your relationship started
  • The year when you proposed and accepted
Engraving Tungsten Rings

Engraving Tungsten Rings

Symbols and foreign language quotes – You can also choose symbols that indicate something special to you or opt for love messages in any foreign language. The rustic and rugged Tungsten wedding rings look even earthier with these engravings. Some symbols and foreign language texts that work well on wedding bands are –

  • The symbol of infinity
  • The symbol of eternity
  • Hearts
  • The cupid symbol
  • ‘Mon c ur est a vous’ which means – ‘my heart is yours’ in French
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Japanese or Chinese symbols
  • ‘Deus Nos Iunxit’ which means – ‘God joined us’ in Latin
  • ‘In perpetuum et unum diem’ which means – ‘forever and a day’ in Latin
  • Quotes in Sanskrit

Special Design engravings – for beautifully complementing couple rings you can also opt for specific design engravings of your choice. Some of these could be –

  • Religious symbols
  • Paisley designs
  • Tyre prints
  • Motif carvings
  • Lucky charm designs
  • Filigree style engravings
  • Engravings with diamond or gemstone inlays

Unique engravings – Couples can also select some unique designs for engraving tungsten rings to make the occasion of their wedding all the more special. Some examples of unique engravings are –

  • Finger prints – A great way of personalizing your tungsten wedding rings is to get your respective fingerprints engraved on your bands. You can either wear a ring engraved with your spouse’s print or your own. Get them made in pairs with similar material combinations and finish to add to the magical touch. Fingerprint engravings are unique to each couple and no one can duplicate your design.
  • Map coordinates – one can also get the map coordinates of the place where they first met engraved on the wedding bands. Alternatively, the coordinates of their wedding venue also makes sense.
  • Partial phrases – Couples can get coordinated rings made with partial phrases written on each; completed only when the rings are seen as a pair.
  • Marriage vows – You may also get the most important phrase of your marriage vows engraved on your wedding rings. These can be broken into two parts and engraved in portions on both rings or both the rings can carry the same vow. Depending upon the font size you are comfortable with, even the longest verses can be accommodated on these bands in a visually appealing and legible manner.

Interesting engraving fonts – Engraving tungsten rings can be made even more interesting with different kinds of fonts and font sizes. Your engraved message appears to be all the more presentable when the right type of font is chosen. Some common fonts that work well on wedding rings and bands are –

  • Gaming font
  • Lucidia font
  • Copperplate Gothic
  • Herculaneum Font
  • Italic Book Antiqua

Engravings make your wedding rings all the more special and personalized. They remind you of some of the most important occasions or events that are most valuable to your relationship. Therefore, it is crucial that whenever you choose to get your rings engraved, opt for a particular design that holds some personal significance and is not something that you simply picked up from a magazine on a whim. If you are planning to surprise your partner with an engraved tungsten ring, remember to give the design a thought and opt for ring which your partner can easily associate with. An engraving that brings a fond smile at the face of your partner is one that must go on your wedding rings. After all, this is something you both are going to wear day in day out for the rest of your lives. Also, if you have a detailed and intricate design in mind, it is best to place an order well in advance. Generally your jeweler gives you a time frame and therefore, it is easy to plan. When time is an issue and you want your ring no sooner than yesterday, it’s best to drop the long quotation and opt for a symbol that says it all. Often the intricacy of your engraving design also decides the charges you will be quoted. Therefore, a simple and meaningful design works best if you are on a tight budget. However, if you decide to splurge and go all out, flex your imagination to get the best design commissioned on your tungsten wedding rings! Tungsten wedding rings come in an array of designs and finishes. One can select from the many available at madtungsten.com.au for the one that gels with yours and your spouse’s personality the most. There are several coordinated wedding bands available as well. Mad tungsten offers easy customization of your wedding rings right from selecting the ring base to the kind of engraving you want on your ring; all details are taken care of. It is possible to opt for a combination of engraved and inlaid rings in multiple colors of your choice, along with gemstones or diamonds set beautifully in personalized styles, tailor made according to your choices. At mad tungsten you get an unbelievable collection of styles and finishes. Be it shiny or brushed, gold plated or crafted in combination with silver; these rings are simply spectacular and add to the charm of your special day perfectly. So go ahead and select the design you want on your tungsten wedding rings and get it commissioned with ease at Mad Tungsten.