Tungsten inlaid rings are both versatile and fashionable that they are most often chosen to be worn as wedding rings and to make a style statement.  Both women and men find them very appealing and different from the usual types.  Many interesting kinds of tungsten inlaid rings can be found at online stores. In general, tungsten rings are well known for retaining their polish for a long time period, without getting scratched, literally and highly robust while the inlays add magnificence to them. No wonder the inlays make the already durable tungsten rings the most sought after types among the masses all across the globe.

Variety is brought in the inlays through the type of materials, colours, designs and technique used.  As far as the materials are concerned, tungsten inlaid rings are seen sporting precious, semi-precious and very reasonably valued ones. They include silver, gold, platinum, ceramic, cobalt, shells, wood and many more. The choice is endless and is aimed to suit varying individual preferences and style requirements.   Tungsten inlaid rings with gold, silver and platinum inlays are frequently chosen by couple who are about to get engaged or married as they find them eternally beautiful and long lasting. Not only that, they give the impression of a classic ring. Ceramic inlays are quite often selected by hardworking class and style conscious crowd while wooden inlays are the most preferred choice among nature enthusiasts.  They also make wonderful gifts since they are superb to look at yet being pocket-friendly. Shells in vivid colours are also gaining popularity as unisex rings. But they are delicate and lighter in weight when compared to the other durable inlays hence are specially coated and treated.

tungsten inlaid rings

Two carving techniques are adopted to feature inlays in tungsten rings. One method involves grooving the metal ring to place the inlays while the other method involved the raised carving design to give a three dimensional appearance.  Whatever the material and technique used, it is important to check if the tungsten inlaid rings are rightly priced and lasts longer.  To ensure this, buy them from genuine sellers that not only offer good customer service at the time of the purchase by providing suggestions and tips but also after the purchase by providing in-expensive or repair services with no fees.  When buying online, see to that the online portal provides varied payment options along with a protected payment gateway. It should aim at making the shopping experience a unforgettable and fun-filled one.