A wedding is an auspicious and a special occasion in everyone’s lifespan.  In general, people always do remember unique and dissimilar celebrations.  Hence, make your wedding a special one through some interesting, flare and delightful decorations.  Eventually, your wedding will be memorable for the invitees.  Personalize wedding among your invitees as an added flavor.  Let’s have a look at some DIY wedding ideas.

Grassy Heart with Ribbon Bows:

If the wedding is at grassy environment, decorate grass landscapes with heart-shaped marks using flour.  Here come dais decoration ideas: Decorate dais towers with glittering yellow cloth; Make a bow (ribbon knot) with black ribbon on the dais towers.  Cover dais with ribbon curtains with white and black color.  Try out combination of pink palette ribbons for curtains.

Welcome Card:

Welcome invitees with the heart-shaped personalized welcome cards.  Attempt to decorate top corner of the welcome cards with bows, use twinkle ribbons to make an eye-catching bows.  Try out some unique decorative objects like a butterfly and floral bows attached to welcome cards.  Likewise stamp your attractive and classy personalized twosome pictures on the welcome card which will be an innovative DIY wedding idea.

Five DIY Wedding ideas

Paper Lanterns:

Paper lanterns will be a good choice as DIY decorative component for whatever sort of wedding ideas.  Different forms of paper lanterns used for wedding decorations.  Pick out an impressive lantern to decorate wedding surrounding.  After all decorate guest tables with white cloths and cherry red carpet on the middle piece of the board.  At the peak of innovativeness place personalized wedding candles with matchbook on guest tables.

Edible Favor:

Gifting edible favor is the cheapest DIY wedding idea to cheer up guests at your wedding ceremony.  Present edible favor as necklace and toys with organza bag.  Pack tiny wedding cake in a glassy box with ribbon knot, a bottle of hot fudge and a tiny vineyard bottle with tied thank you note as an edible favor on guest tables.  Use banded gift bags with fixed paper rose, floral favor bags and enfold organza fabric to gift edible favors for your invitees. You can also use pie box kit with mini bottle whiskey as a wedding favor.

Wedlock Locket:

Showcase your love with wedlock love locket, a perfect match for wedding.  Impress bride or bridegroom with a wedlock locket; put a personal note in it about your love of your spouse, which invariably holds an outstanding place to convey your love passion among all other wedding ideas.  Use a tiny tote bag in pink palette of colors to gift “wedlock Locket”.    Ivory floral bag with fixed bows and bridal dress favor bags suits to present wedlock note.