If you are thinking of proposing to your man and want to do it differently; what’s better than to choose a ring that translates your thoughts completely. When it is a lifetime of togetherness you are about to propose, opt to choose from none other than the latest, trendy and infinitely durable Tungsten rings for men. They come with the assurance of durability without burning a hole in your pocket; unlike those made from gold, silver or platinum.

If your man is fashionably aware and evolved like most men of today, a stylishly designed tungsten ring will be ideal for the occasion. Trendy men’s jewellery becomes a statement piece that speaks volumes about the man wearing it. So it’s only wise to opt for something that is latest and unique at the same time. Made from Tungsten, the second hardest element on Earth; tungsten rings are long-lasting, unbreakable, scratch-free, and corrosion-resistant.  Crafted from tungsten carbide as their core metal, these rings never lose their shine or shape and are simply maintenance-free.

For your special day choose from the many designs and styles of tungsten rings available at MadTungsten.com.au. Customize and personalize it further with gold or diamond embedding and engraved messages or initials; making your ring all the more special and one of a kind; just like your man.  Mad Tungsten offers an array of collections for men’s tungsten jewellery. Browse through and search for that perfect macho ring that aptly reflects your man’s personality.

If you are one for simplicity, choose from the sophisticated, 18 K gold plated collection of  Mad Max Tungsten Rings. Priced at $245 these rings lend an understated style.  Equally priced and similarly subtle are the 8 mm wide, 18 k gold plated, classic bands from the Mr Mad Tungsten rings Collection.

If you are looking for stylish, tinted rings in shades of rose gold you are bound to dig the collections of Wisdom Tungsten Rings, The Confucius Tungsten Rings and the Dragon Tungsten Rings. Priced at $289, they feature beautiful designs and support a carbon fibre base. The rings from the Dragon collection are elaborately crafted with bevelled edges for that stunningly enchanting effect.

For those desiring up-scale elegance, there is the Signature Tungsten Rings collection. 24 K gold plated these rings for men feature a brushed finish with silver inlay highlights. Equally alluring is the Jet Pilot Tungsten rings collection with bands made of silver and tungsten both, further highlighted with inlaid gold strips.

Trendy, simple, stylish, and elegantly macho, these rings spell perfection and are the ideal start to mark your years of togetherness filled with memorable moments. So go ahead and get the best ring to propose to your man.