Now that you have answered ‘yes’ to the most important question in your life, you need to prepare yourself for the most important occasion in your life – your wedding. There’s going to be a flurry of activity, with several things to be taken care of. Some of the most important people who are going to be with you throughout the wedding ceremony are the bridesmaids. While the younger bridesmaids need to turn up smartly attired on the wedding day, the older bridesmaids will have a slightly more important role to play.

Right from being available at your dress fittings, to attending your hen’s party, they are going to have a hundred chores to attend to. It is important that the bridesmaids are suitably rewarded with appropriate gifts. It is not enough to give the run of the mill gifts like a key chain, or even a slightly more expensive strand of imitation pearls. They deserve more thoughtful gifts; here are some great tips to help you through.

While it is difficult to choose a gift that you are sure will be liked and appreciated, you can rest assured that choosing a few common gifts is your best bet. For instance, you could suitably entertain your bridesmaid by lavishing her with tickets to the local opera or a dinner theater. If you think some of your bridesmaids are the studious types, you could think of gifting them magazine subscriptions. Some in the group may be crazy after music; a pair of headphones in their favorite colors would be a great idea.

The other gifts that can come in real handy and not too expensive include a good deck of specialty playing cards, or a copy of the latest-bestselling book. While a gift certificate to a movie theater or music venue is a gift that will be appreciated, so is a slightly more expensive gift of an e-reader like Kindle Fire. If you come to know that some of the bridesmaids are sports enthusiasts, surprise them with tickets to the local fixtures. In case you think a couple of the bridesmaids are the sit-at-home-type, the appropriate gift would be a bottle of good wine and a new board game.

If there is one special bridesmaid, like the chief bridesmaid, or the maid of honor, you probably need to spend some extra money, which will certainly be worth it. If this one happens to be a fitness enthusiast, gift her some work-out gear. A carefully chosen piece of exquisite jewelry or an exotic bottle of perfume wouldn’t be bad ideas either. If you think she has a sweet tooth, gift a set of expensive chocolate bars, gift wrapped. The list is endless, and ultimately it is all left to your imagination and resources.