Tungsten rings are becoming increasingly popular, and if you are a person who keenly watches the jewellery market, you’ll realize the immense popularity tungsten rings command amongst today’s younger generation. The recent trends indicate that there is quite a large number of people who have switched to tungsten rings, especially tungsten gold rings, from the otherwise traditional gold or diamond rings.

There seem to be several reasons for this change in consumer tastes, the most important one being the benefits that tungsten rings have when compared to the traditional gold, platinum or diamond rings. While it may not be inappropriate to claim that tungsten rings have a range of benefits that conventional rings lack, there is an element of truth in the statement that tungsten rings are far more superior when it comes to durability. Moreover, tungsten rings manage to retain the original sheen even after years of usage.

Affordability is another major factor that tilts the balance in favour of gold tungsten rings, which are a lot less expensive when compared to gold, platinum or diamond rings. Today’s folks consider a rose gold men’s wedding band as a symbol of love that helps them express their affection better. Ostentatious diamond and platinum rings have yielded place to the modest and easily affordable tungsten rings that have become symbols of lasting love. The ever increasing demand for gold tungsten rings can be attributed to the affordability that comes without any compromise in quality or style.

When you choose tungsten rings or even gold tungsten rings, you get great value for your money. Users of tungsten rings swear by them and claim that they don’t have any dents, marks or scratches on them even after years of rough usage. There is no need for polishing tungsten rings frequently because they manage to retain their original sheen without being buffed at regular intervals. What’s more is when tungsten is mixed with gold in the right proportions; the resultant alloy is remarkably brilliant and stronger than most conventional rings.

While gold and platinum rings may have to be re-polished at regular intervals, tungsten rings or gold tungsten rings don’t need to be re-polished at all. Similarly, there is no question of spending money on repairs and polishing, unlike the conventional rings that may require constant attention. It is a known fact that tungsten rings are tough and durable. The reliability quotient of tungsten rings is far higher when compare to others. This is simply because tungsten is the second hardest substance on earth, second only to diamond, which is the hardest.

Tungsten rings are crafted by skilled craftsmen who put in a lot of effort and time into creating a beauty that is stunning. The price that is paid is not just for the intrinsic value of tungsten rings, but for the labour and skill that go into crafting a masterpiece. That’s probably why no two tungsten rings look alike, and it’s not just the size alone, but other things like texture, originality of the design and the overall finish. Hence, while selecting tungsten rings or gold tungsten rings, look out for telltale signs of workmanship that shows in every piece.

Apart from the wide range of tungsten rings displayed on the shelves of a jeweller’s shop, there are many that don’t get to be displayed at all. These are the made-to-order custom rose gold men’s wedding bands that are unique and reflect the personality of the wearer. Usually, gold tungsten rings always come with inlaid gold that runs right round the ring, in the middle. These are the elegantly stylish rings that make a style statement of their own.

Women are known to be extremely romantic, and they are always eager to relate the romantic escapades they have had with their beaus. A girl who is in love and to be married shortly is always eager to share her experiences with her bosom friends. The topic normally gravitates to the topic of clothes and jewellery, and rose gold men’s wedding bands are a hot topic with most blushing brides. They prefer their men to wear something rare and stylish, something they can talk about endlessly. Tungsten rings are probably one of the best ways to express one’s love.

The question whether tungsten rings can ever scratch can be answered easily. Tungsten being the second hardest substance in existence is absolutely scratch-proof and is safe against damages. Even the most extreme of circumstances leaves tungsten rings unscathed, thanks to their inherent toughness. This is one reason why people working at construction sites prefer to wear tungsten rings as they can be subjected to very rough usage without any fear of being damaged.

How does one choose the perfectly fitting tungsten ring? In order to get a tungsten ring that is a perfect fit, one has to step into a jeweller and have the ring finger measured by a professional. Although one can easily shop online for jewellery today, most folks still believe in the traditional ways and would rather walk into a jewellery store to place their orders. Tungsten rings are usually made in comfort fit designs, and unless a physical measurement is taken, the fit may not be perfect.

While one can still choose to go by the size of any ring that he or she is already wearing, it still is risky. You may own a gold or platinum ring, and if that is taken as a sample for measurement purposes, it may not be perfect when the ring is made out of tungsten or even an alloy of gold and tungsten. Hence, the best bet is to walk into a jewellery shop and have yourself measured. Wouldn’t you do just that for your wedding suit?

If you’ve been mulling over the question of whether to propose to your love or not, the best way to settle that would be by popping the question with a beautifully crafted gold tungsten ring in your hand. It pays to do a bit of homework, just to be sure that you get what your partner in life is going to like. Check if she prefers a plain tungsten wedding band, or one that is elaborately patterned with intricate designs. You can choose from the myriad patterns and designs available, or go for a customized tungsten ring that you can order.

If you are a creative person, there are so many ways in which you can demonstrate your creativity while choosing the perfect wedding ring. Being creative and selective need not always is an expensive affair, as is the popular misconception. Make sure you get the lady a ring that is one of its kinds, something unique and classy that cannot be got off the shelf. A gold tungsten ring that is customized and made to special order has better appeal and will have a lasting effect on the wearer. You may want to take a look at the old family rings, if you have any. Antique jewellery handed down through generations can be quite inspirational, and if a particular heirloom catches your fancy, you can always try to replicate it as a new gold tungsten ring.

Tungsten carbide rings or otherwise known as just tungsten rings are made from cemented carbide. This is a very popular material that is extensively used in making bridal jewellery simply because of its unique quality of hardness. Tungsten rings are also highly resistant to scratching, though this makes the rings somewhat likely to shattering. However, jewellers have perfected the art of making the correct alloy to be used in jewellery making, which makes the tungsten rings almost indestructible. The right mixture of gold and tungsten is used to create fabulous gold tungsten rings that are greatly in demand all over the country.

The extreme hardness and intense density of tungsten make it the perfect choice for crafting wedding rings. When tungsten is mixed with carbon and a few other elements, the resultant alloy is near perfect for making tungsten rings that are expected to last a lifetime, just as anyone would want a marriage to last throughout. Registering between 8.9 and 9.1 on the Mohs hardness scale, tungsten is proven to be the perfect metal for creating perfect wedding bands. Tungsten is known to be at least 10 times harder than conventional 18k gold, and when gold and tungsten are combined, the resultant alloy is considered perfect for the ultimate sheen and brilliance that is expected by all in wedding jewellery.

To be married couples are known to prefer going shopping together while looking for the perfect wedding rings. More often than not, they zero in on either tungsten rings or in some cases gold tungsten rings, which they believe is the latest fad in most circles. Most men would like to spring a surprise on their lady loves, and try to keep the whole affair top secret. The game is up when they approach the jewellery shop, and the lady knows that they are shopping for the ultimate possession that every woman cherishes in her life – the perfect wedding ring.

Shopping for an engagement or wedding ring is really a very big deal indeed. Hence, seeking advice makes perfect sense before embarking on a shopping trip for a tungsten ring or a gold tungsten ring. You may want to check with your pal who got married recently, or take him along just to make sure you go to the right place and choose the perfect ring. The friend must have gone through all these travails already, and will know where exactly to go and what would be best for you and your girl. Friends who got engaged or married recently would be the best people to seek advice from when you are looking for the best wedding rings available in the market.

Good quality tungsten rings are made from tungsten carbide that is classified as jewellery grade. This metal is compounded with a special grade nickel binder to enhance the strength. However, the quantity of nickel added is quite low, hence does not cause any skin allergies.  You may have been misled by uninformed people about the suspected brittleness of tungsten. The fact of the matter is that tungsten carbide is much more durable than traditional gold, platinum, silver or palladium, and is proven to be totally resistant to scratching. Only when excess force is applied directly on a tungsten ring can it show signs of cracking. However, this is quite unlikely to happen, as most pieces of jewellery are generally handled with extreme care, and the likelihood of a tungsten ring getting damaged is quite remote.

There is a wide range of styles when it comes to men’s tungsten rings. Like the rose gold men’s wedding bands which is very popular. Then there are the flat bands, comfort fit rings, tungsten rings set with glittering diamonds and rings that come with brushed layers giving them a special appeal. When it comes to women’s tungsten rings, the rings are a lot slimmer, with the sleek bands looking quite dainty when worn by the bride-to-be. There are also the tensions set tungsten wedding rings that are a rage with most youngsters today.

Look for jewellery shops that sell tungsten rings that come with a warranty for life. Most jewellers do have return policies as well, subject to certain terms and conditions. This however happens only when there is a problem with the fit, though they always double check when taking the measurements for making a wedding ring. It is better to shop with a company that is known for using only jewellery grade tungsten. It pays to keep in mind that tungsten rings can never be resized, hence getting the size correct the first time is very important. It is better to get the measurement taken on two occasions, with at least a gap of 2 weeks in between, just to make sure you get the size right. This is because once crafted, a gold tungsten ring lasts a lifetime.