For years, men have worn simple wedding bands either of gold or platinum and it is in recent times that tungsten jewellery for men has become a much sought after and preferred choice.  The reasons are many.  Tungsten, as we all know is the second hardest element with Diamond leading the front. This makes Tungsten  rings infinitely durable. Moreover, tungsten rings are resistant to all corrosion and have a natural, beautiful perennial shine. Gold jewellery is the most expensive, is vulnerable to harsh conditions and needs to be polished often to showcase brilliance. Its soft content makes it imperative to mix gold with metals e.g. nickel but many people are allergic to nickel. Tungsten is also a little soft but when combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide, It becomes the most unbreakable and long-lasting metal. Tungsten carbide is the core metal used in all men’s tungsten jewellery. One can find a range of macho tungsten gold rings for weddings to adorn the hands of a man on his big day. The Mr. Man Tungsten Rings is an 18k gold plated ring stylish to the core.  Priced at $245, it is 8 mm wide and is a classic ring that makes for a very stylish wedding ring with an unrivalled brilliance. Another good choice for men would be the ‘Mad Man Tungsten’ rings. No, don’t go by the name; that’s just to provoke you. These 18k gold plated tungsten carbide rings are simplicity personified and have a sophisticated look about them. Priced at $245, they sparkle on a man’s wedding finger. The Confucius Tungsten rings which get their name from the famous Chinese philosopher, Priced at $289, these are symbolic of peace and harmony because of their design.  These polished tungsten carbide rings have a carbon fibre base that comprises of a delicate rose gold plated design admirable by all standards.  The Dragon Tungsten rings priced at $ 289 has a carbon fibre base a rose gold plated steel elaborate design. Its bevelled edges enhance the look of this ring making it the ideal ring for a wedding. You can also choose from the range of the Jet Pilot Tungsten rings which comprise of both, tungsten and silver bands inlaid with gold strips of 24 kt to effect. Elegant in every aspect, they are valued at $ 999.  Close on the heels of these rings are the Signature Tungsten rings which are of 24k gold and include a sparkling silver inlay. With an effective brush finish, these are worth the price of $ 899.  The Phat Wedder range of tungsten rings cost $299 include a strip of gold running through the centre of the wedding band. Simple but enchanting.  If you are keen to wear a ring with a square edge, the Squealer tungsten rings is what you should decide on. These feature a well-balanced 18k gold groove which gives it a very attractive look making it worth the price of $ 235 in toto. The Wisdom Tungsten rings slightly expensive at $289 with their carbon fibre base stand out in the crowd because of their dashing stylishly complex design in rose gold.  Durable, sparkling and stylish, all these rings make for the most ideal tungsten wedding rings for men. No harsh conditions or activities can ever damage these rings. You could get these rings customized further by requesting for some precious stones or diamonds to be set within the grooves. You can also have them personalized with engravings of your loved one’s initials along with yours as well. This is the magic of tungsten rings. Always comfy, always in shape, striking and economical – they make for beautiful memories.