So the most awaited day of your life is drawing near and you are excited, nervous, going round in circles and feeling lost as well. Most pre-wedding jitters are based arise because of the want of perfection of the big day. Wedding celebrations vary from the very simple (a court wedding) to the exotic which involves tying the knot on mountain tops or under the ocean waters.  Theme and colour based weddings stand out because of the uniqueness of their nature. Colour themes for weddings are the new rage with people choosing every possible colour to make their wedding day a memorable one. The colour green makes for an impressive theme both indoors and outdoors and lets take a look on Green Wedding Inspiration. The venue could involve a long rectangular table with the dull white collared table cover enhanced by a light shade of lime green. The back rest of the chair as well as the legs of the chair could be decorated matching lime green crepe paper well draped around the chair and a green cushion for every chair. Small cacti plants in wooden vases could be strategically placed adding a natural décor to the table. If the venue is outside e.g. in a garden or the outer premises of a large bungalow, large pots of various collared flowers could be lined on both sides of the entrance and around the periphery. The lighting could include strings of small bulbs in varying shades of green hung in a wave like pattern around the venue. Frosted or plain green candles with a personalized card for every individual guest / family invited would make for the perfect ‘return gifts’.

The bride’s dress could be either of a lime green lace finish or an emerald green, complementing her complexion. Matching green stilettos and green pendant earrings enhanced with a delicate chain with a medium sized green stone for a pendant around her neck makes the bashful bride look enchanting. The bride’s eyes could be beautifully enhanced with matching metallic eye shadow and nail polish. A green bouquet of soft green leaves, ferns with a matching green satin ribbon and a petite hand-made hair-pin to adorn her hair would make everyone go green with envy. The groom’s wedding suit, if of a light gray colour could stand out with an emerald green tie. A dark coloured suit would stand out with a pastel lime coloured tie embellished with a sparkling lime green tie-pin and matching cuff links.

Light green dresses for the bridesmaids with a darker shade of green for belts to enhance their pretty figures with matching coloured footwear and green bouquets could prove more than a match for the groomsmen whose attire could include light coloured suits with very pale lime-green coloured shirts and a green satin waist band.  Mint drinks with a topping of green apple (if available) makes for an appetizing first round to start which can be followed by cold green apple shake for all. Salads, vegetables and green smoothies like curd with grated cucumber with a splash of sesame seeds on top would make everyone want a triple helping.

Green paper roses decorating the wedding car complete the romantic green-inspired wedding.