Wedding cakes today are much more than mere must-haves on your wedding party list. They are not just the sweet preparations you serve your guests during the party. Instead, these are works of art, designed, sculpted, executed and presented perfectly by professionals. One look at the masterpieces created by these cake designers and you cannot help but equate them to breath-taking works of art sculpted, painted and artistically created in fondant and sugar.

The latest showstoppers from the world of wedding cakes decoration are the hand-painted cakes; that are fast becoming a raging trend at all occasions and parties. Breathtakingly stunning, these cakes can easily qualify for a centrepiece arrangement at your wedding party – one, that you can later share with your guests.

If you too are looking for some ideas for hand painted cakes for your wedding, there are some great ones to consider. You can choose from the many pretty floral designs in glass painted style, or the cherry blossom bird design. There are the street art inspired graffiti painted cakes or the cartoon inspired graphic cakes that you can choose to tell your story of love.

If you are one for classic styling and elaborate designing, you can always get your cake artist to do a Victorian style cake for you; complete with gold, silver or pearl painted flowers, lace and trims. If you are a fan of abstract art, hand painted wedding cakes with watercolour washes, patterns or geometric designs will work for you. Some highly skilled cake artists can even make portraits of you and your partner painted on the cake as a unique element of surprise for the guests.

Include hand painted text amidst painted flowers on your cake and convey your message of love to your partner in a unique way. Rock and roll styled tattoos, paisley designs, blue pottery style art and even cascading waterfalls; all find their way on wedding cakes, making them truly beautiful and worth remembering for years to come.

However, there are few important considerations to keep in mind when selecting wedding cakes. It’s always good to opt for a cake artist whose work you have either seen or it comes with a strong recommendation and reputation. Make sure you do a tasting to avoid last minute embarrassments. If you want your cake to coordinate with your theme or there is a special incorporation you have in mind; convey timely and request for initial drawings of what the artist has in mind. It works to stay in touch with your cake artist to get exactly what you want.