Everyone likes to splurge on their wedding day. From the venue, décor, clothes, jewellery, hospitality, give-away-souvenirs, invites to the honeymoon. The scene is changing with people opting for simple and private affairs followed by a party for close friends. While all attention is focused on the bride-to-be and her jewellery, much attention is also paid to the most important jewellery for the groom – his wedding ring. However some prefer wedding bands with fine diamonds embedded in the band. A lot depends on the choice and of course the budget of the groom. If the groom is a in a white collar job and earning handsomely, he could decide on a white gold band which could cost anything in the range from $ 700 – $ 1,200! A less expensive option could be a cobalt band which could cost $350 – $ 400. However, if the groom does not fancy jewellery much, you need to find something appropriate which he will be ready to wear for the years ahead! A classic low-profile wedding band would be the ideal choice as he would find it appealing and it would be affordable as well. A classic cobalt wedding band of 5 mm could cost $ 695 and a vintage ‘two-tone’ faceted gold wedding band could cost $ 850. In case the groom prefers a flashy wedding band in white gold, he could get one for $ 2000 whereas a sculpted ring with precious stones could cost $ 3,700 with more flashy ones of a broader width costing $ 5,000 as well ! Very often men choose their wedding rings based on the profession they are in. Men who work in jobs like advertising, creative consulting, sales or are analysts and statisticians prefer the more fashionable, flashy wedding bands with diamonds, or grooves running around the entire ring. Men who hold jobs which involve a lot of hand work e.g. chemical engineering, timber or carpentry prefer to go in for tough and long lasting rings. The ideal choice in such situations is Tungsten rings. They are made of the toughest material – tungsten carbide and are absolutely scratch resistant. Their ingredients include Gold, Silver, Kevlar, Carbon fibre, Resin and Ceramic and they can be customized to the groom’s preferences. He can decide on the base of the ring, the colours, the grooves and even the engraving. A unique feature about these rings is that they never require any polishing. They have a natural and permanent sheen but the most outstanding feature about them is that they are affordable. They range from $ 25 to $ 500 and even more depending on the choice of the groom. They look as rich and classy as any other metallic wedding ring and yes, they surpass all with their long-lasting durability symbolizing the essence of a lasting wedding.