Shopping for the engagement rings can be dreadful at times but when you know what you exactly want, it can make the task simpler. With the joy of getting engaged to your loved one and the knowledge of “how your engagement rings should be”, shopping can be made cheerful. It is the “rings” that one needs to get engaged so take your time to plan for it but not until the last day. Here are few guide lines on how to choose the engagement rings.

  • Find out you and your companion’s choice:

Companion’s choice matters when it comes to engagement or wedding rings and so as your choice. Ensure that the ring you choose is liked by your companion as well. Is it made out of precious metal or the hardest metal like tungsten carbide rings ?- Well, planning the material of the engagement  rings is essential. Also, ensure that you plan the material based on various factors.


  • Get your budget fixed

It’s time to get the budget fixed. When it’s an engagement the spotlight is on the couples and their engagement rings and of course the engagement rings beings precious to them, it needs a better budget.


  • Focus on the practicality of use

Any couple would want their engagement rings to last long and it is necessary to purchase the rings based on the practicality of use. If you are working more with your hands then go for stronger rings like tungsten carbide rings as they last long and are scratch proof unless scratched with a diamond.

 engagement rings for men


  • Durability matters

It’s an “engagement ring” and durability matters. Engagement rings, at times are inherited for generations, but what if they are handles without care? Or wore while working with your hands? – Of course, they tend to scratch or dent on their surface. The only solution is to buy engagement rings with high durability. Tungsten carbide rings can be the solution.


  • Design your taste

Prefer to shop your engagement rings from jeweller who sell custom constructed rings rather than the existing rings. Engagement rings are worn for a lifetime and it’s better to choose a design that never bores even after years.


  • Go for it

Once you have planned the design of the engagement rings, the jeweller and the budget it is time to go for it. Shop the engagements rings a month before the engagement. Ensure that it is delivered on time and if it is going to be an online store prefer a genuine store that manufactures high quality rings.


Happy engagement!